Peachland Fall Fair

The best part of Peachland’s Fall Fair is seeing all the projects people have been up to. So, organizers are hoping locals will get into a virtual version of the fair this year, by sharing pictures of their baking, handicrafts and garden bounties.

This is Tami Theriault’s first year as president of the Fall Fair committee. As The Phoenix reported back in April, this year’s version (the 101st edition, which was set for Sept 11-13) has been cancelled, of course, due to COVID.

“So, what we thought because a lot of it is visual, people can share on our Facebook page what they would have entered in the fair,” Theriault says.

“Maybe even people who have never entered before might want to put something on there.”

If you go to the Fall Fair’s website, you can get an idea of all the categories – From baking, to photography, handicrafts, fruits, vegetables and flowers. Kids can enter too!

“Basically, we just want people to share,” says Theriault.

“We want to keep interest in the fair going, and we’d like to have it again next year, if all goes well. We don’t want people to forget about us!”

Visit the Fall Fair website for more info, and to upload a photo, check out their Facebook page! You can also email

Peachland’s 100th Fall Fair was a great success. Here’s to another year – virtually! if you have any questions.

Written by Kristen Friesen

August 18, 2020

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