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The Peachland Lions are thinking ahead & have released a commemorative Christmas tree ornament. Proceeds from the sales will help build an accessible ramp for the Peachland historic school (visitor centre). Next time you’re there, pick one up for $20! Linda Craven says sales are going better than they hoped.

“Almost 30% sold in two weeks. We are super pleased!”


The situation has since been resolved – and who knows, with the pandemic it may be moot anyway – but the Peachland Lions are happier now that their concerns over next June’s use of community centre’s banquet room has been resolved. On October 27, this is how Lions Club president Steve Sweeney saw it:

I am writing on behalf of the Peachland Lions Club to express our concern regarding Peachland Council’s granting the exclusive use of the Community Centre Banquet Room from June to August 2021 for the BEEPS program.

We were informed Oct. 28 that our standing monthly booking has been cancelled for that period.

We appreciate and support the BEEPS program in Peachland. It is difficult to understand why an organization with two permanent display venues in the Business Centre and the Visitor’s Information Centre would be granted exclusive use of a community facility. Were alternatives with less impact on other community groups such as the board room of the Visitor’s Information Centre considered?

I fear this was a hasty decision that failed to take the impact on the rest of Peachland’s community organizations into consideration.

Council’s mission statement includes this sentence:

Council engages the community in two-way exchanges to fully understand the community’s needs and aspirations – Council’s decisions for and on behalf of the community are based on this understanding.

Regrettably they forgot this provision of their statement when making this decision.

While we have not been using the banquet room recently this is only because of Covid related restrictions. If those restrictions are still in place next summer then the cancellation is moot. However, if we are able to meet together it would have a very real impact on the workings of our club.

I urge Council to reconsider this decision with the interests of the entire community in mind.


-Steve Sweeney, President



Thanks to the Lions, the Peachland Riding Club was able to have a modified season this summer. Earlier this year, The Peachland Lions dropped off a $1,500 cheque to make this challenging season possible.

From the right are Peachland Riding Club members Riley Eide and Carter Lochmanetz, Lions Club president Steve Sweeney,  and Riding Club members Kevin Froase, Keillin Froase and  Chloe Gautron.


The Peachland Lions are still serving the community, even with their usual events cancelled or postponed. They’ve teamed up with the Pincushion quilters group to provide homemade masks to those living in seniors buildings in town. Volunteers sewed 125 of them, and the masks are also available at Peachland Pharmacy. They’re free, but if you can donate to the food bank, it would be appreciated.



Here’s more on the Peachland Lions:

They’re a hands-on club best known for their famous barbecue and pancake breakfasts, but the Lions Club of Peachland does a lot more than feed the masses. Established in 1982, they’re become known as great Canada Day parade organizers, and you’ll definitely see them at Peachland’s World of Wheels and Christmas Light Up events. They’re also hosts of an annual charity golf tournament, along with the Divas and Diamonds Fundraiser (returning in 2021). They’re the ones who built Peachland’s wheelchair-accessible lake entrance at Swim Bay, along with a waterproof wheelchair for those who need it. They’re also one of the three local groups who made the Peachland pier a reality. The Peachland Lions are also regular contributors to Peachland Elementary School’s programs and activities, and they support many other groups in the community. Internationally, the Lions Club is the largest service club in the world, and focus on diabetes research, vision, hunger, the environment and childhood cancer.

New members are always welcome, and joining the Lions is a great way to get involved in our community. They meet at 7 p.m. on the second Wednesday of the month at the “Lion’s Den”, 4440 5th St. Call (250) 7670330 for more information.

President: Steve Sweeney (

Membership Chair: Lynn Herrin (

Written by Kristen Friesen

June 3, 2021

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