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Preliminary local results from last night’s election:

Preliminary results for the Penticton riding (which includes Peachland) from last night's election. These numbers were updated as of 2 a.m. All 129 ballot boxes have been counted, but the numbers below do NOT include mail-in ballots. Dan...

Council preview: Security cameras for Heritage Park?

Vandalism has cost the District hundreds of dollars more than usual this year - but is it enough to justify the purchase of cameras that cost $2,000 each? That’s what councillors will be discussing Tuesday night, as a report they...

How a chemist from Ontario became an author of all things Peachland

When Don Wigfield and his wife Anne moved here 14 years ago, the lake and small-town scenery were obvious reasons why. But it was Peachland’s people-named streets (“not silly names like Primrose Road or Oak Street”), that first caught his...

“We need a Doberman”: Small towns like Peachland would benefit from a municipal auditor, says BCTF

Small towns like Peachland have some big expenses - and because many don’t pay attention to local politics, spending often goes unchecked. That’s why there needs to be a provincially-mandated municipal auditor general, says the BC...

A six-town comparison: Who spends the most on consulting?

I spent a few weeks going through 2019 Statements of Financial information for five other municipalities of similar size and location to Peachland (I went with 2018 numbers for the City of Fernie, as their 2019 statement is not available). Within those statements are...

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If you have not yet subscribed to the Peachland Phoenix, you should. The articles are well researched and provide in-depth analysis of meaningful local subjects and a good dose of feel-good stories. I really appreciate that there is no set publication date but rather an as-it-happens approach. Thanks, Kristen!

Susan Haglund

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Urban Systems: A $6million+ timeline…

I went through the minutes of every committee of the whole (COTW), regular council meeting and public hearing from January, 2009 to the most recent council meeting. I was looking for how many times...

Your journalistic talent is a refreshing addition to local news in an up-to-date format. I sincerely applaud your community spirit and professional dedication. The $4/month is worth my investment in you. I like your conversational style online and in person. You have a caring heart and mind to communicate matters of interest.

Wayne Power

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