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Consultant’s ‘duplication’ means museum exterior repairs are now $100K less than previously thought

Repairs and renos to the outside of the Peachland Museum is $100,000 less - as of now, because of a “duplication in mark up and contingencies” by a District consultant. On Tuesday, councillors will be discussing this revised $767,500...

A Peachland family’s Father’s Day weekend tradition..

It’s a Father’s Day weekend tradition that for this Peachland family, brings awareness of ALS - while they remember a loving husband and dad. Garry Grigg’s wife, Aline says taking part in the annual Walk to End ALS - which is again...

How much did the Mayor, Councillors and District staff make in 2020?

It’s that time of year - when we find out how much our elected officials and municipal employees get. Remuneration, as you know, reflects total compensation - salary, plus overtime pay and other financial benefits. According to the...

Looks like another movie will be filmed here in Peachland..

Just got a press release - I'll just copy and paste it here for you: Studio 104 Entertainment Inc will be in Peachland for a movie shoot next week. The movie is a coming of age story of a young indigenous girl who moves to small town...

Boards down, nets up: The latest at Turner Park

It's good to have subscribers who live up here, because they're great at giving me a heads-up: District workers were busy this morning taking down the boards and putting up basketball nets in the old rink at Turner Park: "We've just removed the hazards in the sport...

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Here's the latest from BEEPS - Peachland's Bat Education and Ecological Protection Society Hungry bats are expert hunters, and a single bat can eat its own weight in...

Peachland Watershed Protection Alliance

Peachland Watershed Protection Alliance

Here’s what’s new from the Peachland Watershed Protection Alliance: To initiate a community-driven conversation about composting biosolids in the Peachland and...

Peachland Community Arts Council

Peachland Community Arts Council

Here's what's new in the Peachland arts community! What a beautiful day! Here's what I found during the PCAC's Art and Garden tour June 12:        ...

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Change on the menu at Swim Bay concession this summer

District staff say that because the longtime operator recently told them she’s unable to follow through with the contract, they need to find someone to run the Swim Bay concession - and maybe it...

Temporary dog park at Turner rejected by councillors

We don’t know what’s happening on the park portion of the Turner property the District purchased, because officials are planning another round of parks-related public consultation starting this...

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