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Small town size-up: Comparing Peachland’s public salaries & expenses

On Tuesday night, Peachland’s Statement of Financial Information (to the end of 2019) will be presented during the regular council meeting. As always, I’ll have updates right after, but I want to break down some numbers and compare...

What’s that light across the lake?

I didn’t go to see last night, but I saw it the night before. Actually, it’s been coming on for a few weeks now, starting around 9:30 p.m. and then it disappears around five in the morning. A friend tells me it’s the talk of neighbours on...

Peachland trustee talks about today’s Back to School announcement

School will be back in session for Sept. 8, and our Peachland-based school trustee is calling a meeting today to discuss what this is going to look like in area schools. Moyra Baxter is the SD 23 trustee chairwoman, and she was watching...

“It’s common sense:” Peachland’s new bylaw officer on his approach

He’s a dog and cat lover whose career experience spans from supervising an RCMP dive team, to stints as a peace officer in BC and Alberta and time in traffic safety enforcement. And now that he’s back home in the Okanagan, Roy Biedrava,...

Tourist town during a pandemic – locals and visitors weigh in

Peachland feels like a family. It’s a place where you can be outside and not feel crowded. And the locals are friendly. That’s the gist from tourists I talked to today. Montrealer Francis Boudreault had the skate park all to himself for awhile this afternoon. He left...

Community Group Updates

If you have not yet subscribed to the Peachland Phoenix, you should. The articles are well researched and provide in-depth analysis of meaningful local subjects and a good dose of feel-good stories. I really appreciate that there is no set publication date but rather an as-it-happens approach. Thanks, Kristen!

Susan Haglund

More Peachland News

Meet the Bargain Bin ladies!

It's just after 10 earlier this morning, and I’m at the entrance to Peachland’s own little department store, in the United Church basement.  As I escape the rain and say Hi at the top of the stairs,...

Long road ahead for safer sidewalks in Peachland

“See you downtown. Be careful!” Notebook, pencil and phone in hand, I wave goodbye to Rob and the kids and as my car disappears around the corner, I start walking. I’m on Princeton at Bonnie Lane,...

Your journalistic talent is a refreshing addition to local news in an up-to-date format. I sincerely applaud your community spirit and professional dedication. The $4/month is worth my investment in you. I like your conversational style online and in person. You have a caring heart and mind to communicate matters of interest.

Wayne Power

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