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Sunday, September 24: Last one of the season!...

Peachland Wellness Centre

The Jerry Dober Sunday Breakfast is back! This...

10+ years: A timeline of the New Monaco project

What's been promised over the years? Who on...

Peachland’s next mural goes here:

It’s a food and wellness theme = fitting for the...
Lakeside AutoCare

Lakeside AutoCare

Lakeside AutoCare: Reliable, honest repairs & maintenance - and...

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Why I ask for $6 a month

Why I ask for $6 a month

Back in October 2019, I was really stuck. The Peachland Phoenix had a name, and very clear reason to be - even a logo. But leading up to my March 2020 launch, there was...

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Peachland’s next mural goes here:

It’s a food and wellness theme = fitting for the second mural of 2023. Councillors on Tuesday approved the installation of this work of art, on 4th St Place. It’s the home of the Peachland Wellness...

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