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Peachland’s ‘no-growth’ scenario is now reality

Triple the number of households. Quadruple the number of permanent jobs. At least 230 new homes / apartment buildings to be constructed every year starting in 2012, and by 2031, Peachland’s population would sit at almost 14,000 people....

Peachland has the province’s ear this week: Mayor

Instead of networking in person, connections will be made through squares on a screen. And with an election called yesterday, Mayor Cindy Fortin says it’s interesting timing for this year’s UBCM convention, which formally starts today. “I...

Seven emails & a reporter alone in the gym: Tonight’s public hearing for proposed downtown development

It could have been because of COVID. Or, perhaps there’s very little opposition to a rezoning application that could pave the way for a five-storey development with 36 residential and three commercial units across the street from the...

“Get Peachland’s park back”: Petition started as For Sale signs go up at Turner property

Big red For Sale signs could represent change, finally at Turner park - and a Peachlander who lives next door hopes a petition he started will convince local politicians to use their influence to fix it up and make it a much-needed (and...

Cannabis biz: How much interest has the District seen so far?

More than 24 hours into opening the application process for would-be cannabis producers, retailers and cultivators, the District has had some interest. “I just asked the planning department for an update and they said they have had four inquiries into retail sales and...

Councillors deny discount to Crystal Cove movie producer

The producer of Romance at Crystal Cove will not be getting a deal from the District of Peachland for renting 4th St. Place for production purposes later this week. Costa Vassos is the producer of the Lifetime movie being shot at different locations downtown this...

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