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Trepanier part of town is under a water quality advisory

Parts of Peachland are under a water quality advisory, the District announced in an email around 8:15 Friday morning. It's rated as "fair" right now (no mention of having to boil water). The advisory covers the Trepanier area - so all...

How did it go? I went down this morning and talked to Peachlanders who got the shot

By the end of next week, well over a quarter of Peachlanders could have the first dose of the COVID vaccine in their arm - and on the first day of a clinic here in town, The Wellness Centre’s Christina MacMaster tells me a little more...

We may get a mural festival + the rest of your council news

-A mural festival may be in the works for Peachland. It’s an idea coming out of the Peachland Tourism & Economic Development Committee. According to the minutes from their March 3 meeting, artists David and Jorden Doody presented a...

Update on Peachland vaccination appointments: “Just keep trying”

I posted the following update on my blog page, so non-subscribers can access. As the only media outlet in Peachland free of print deadlines, I'm able to update this story, as it unfolds:...

Turner Park is open

The District of Peachland officially owns Turner Park. A few notes from the District of Peachland Facebook page: • While the park is considered dog-friendly, you need to have them on a leash. And obviously, pick up after your pet. The park isn't going to be regularly...

Community Group Updates

If you have not yet subscribed to the Peachland Phoenix, you should. The articles are well researched and provide in-depth analysis of meaningful local subjects and a good dose of feel-good stories. I really appreciate that there is no set publication date but rather an as-it-happens approach. Thanks, Kristen!
Susan Haglund

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An update on the Water Treatment Plant:

Next week is a big one for our new water treatment plant - it’s going to be connected to the distribution system that will reach most Peachland homes. “The tie-in from the new plant to the system is...

Your journalistic talent is a refreshing addition to local news in an up-to-date format. I sincerely applaud your community spirit and professional dedication. The $4/month is worth my investment in you. I like your conversational style online and in person. You have a caring heart and mind to communicate matters of interest.
Wayne Power

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