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Water treatment plant will be done mid-Feb + more council news..

Peachland’s water treatment plant is getting closer to completion - and right now, it’s right on time. Operations manager Shawn Grundy gave councillors an update: “We actually just started commissioning this past week, so if everything...

It’s taking too long: District and developers are talking about permit delays

Why does development take so long in Peachland? The District is short-staffed and they have competing responsibilities. Also, developers are bringing in late or incomplete submissions. Those are a couple of reasons, according to a report...

An extra $20K means new Peachland firefighters will make minimum wage: Chief

Some Peachland firefighters could be making less than minimum wage come June, when the province’s new rate comes into effect. It’s the reason Fire Chief Dennis Craig will be approaching councillors tomorrow with an early request to add...

From here to the highway? A successful grant could mean a sidewalk for Trepanier Bench Road

A sidewalk up Trepanier is a shelf-ready project that could be built this year, if the District qualifies for a grant that staff want to apply for right away. In a memo to Council before Christmas (but appearing for the first time in the...

Peachland’s outdoor rink won’t open this winter

Even if we get the miracle of cold-enough temps, Peachland’s only outdoor rink won’t be opening at all this winter, thanks to - you guessed it - COVID-related concerns. It was a decision made before Christmas, says Cheryl Wiebe, the District’s director of community...

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If you have not yet subscribed to the Peachland Phoenix, you should. The articles are well researched and provide in-depth analysis of meaningful local subjects and a good dose of feel-good stories. I really appreciate that there is no set publication date but rather an as-it-happens approach. Thanks, Kristen!
Susan Haglund

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Splash Park could be open by Canada Day: District

The District of Peachland's Cheryl Wiebe just mentioned this during some preliminary budget discussions. They're talking about the steps towards a new fire hall right now (it's been in the books...

Your journalistic talent is a refreshing addition to local news in an up-to-date format. I sincerely applaud your community spirit and professional dedication. The $4/month is worth my investment in you. I like your conversational style online and in person. You have a caring heart and mind to communicate matters of interest.
Wayne Power

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