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Letter to the Editor:

Dear Editor, Throughout history, defenders and protestors had to resort to unsanctioned acts to...

Letter to the Editor: Museum is thankful for former District staffer

The Editor, The Peachland Historical Society would like to acknowledge the District’s former...

Letter to the Editor: Here’s a petition for a ball field at Turner Park

Dear Editor, I have started a petition to provide a softball, little league and soccer field at...

Crafting a Community: What a Folk School could do for Peachland

Is there something you’ve always wanted to learn? Paddle (or make!) a canoe, forage for what’s in...

Thank you..

Good energy this morning and want to share it! A super nice lady just signed up - “I believe in the free press and I would love to support you.” Annnd an existing subscriber did something nice - she sent an email to all her (many!) contacts, asking people to support...

How would you rate the District’s snow removal efforts?

Mayor Cindy Fortin said tonight she wanted to personally thank the District for the "excellent" snow removal they've been doing. “If you could extend that appreciation down the line, because this has been an unprecedented year for snow,” she said to Operations boss...

Community Groups



Here's the latest from BEEPS - Peachland's Bat Education and Ecological Protection Society Here's a press release BEEPS just sent my way. It's from the BC Community Bat...

Peachland Ambassadors

Peachland Ambassadors

The Ambassadors are turning 75 this year! That's quite a feat and the Sarsons are hoping some young people will be interested in joining their 2022 program. You'll...

Peachland History

Peachland History

Local historian Richard Smith was kind enough to send me some cool 'did you knows' about Peachland, and he's going to share what he knows right here, in his own words...

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