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Peachlanders putting themselves out there = well done!

Love meeting people like this - Victoria Molloy is a longtime Peachlander who decided to take up art a few years ago.  “I’ve been doing this the past five years, but not as prolifically as I’d like,” she says, noting it’s not so much a...

CAO Joe Mitchell resigns: Here’s the press release

Subscribers knew about this before, but here's the press release the District of Peachland just sent out (1:35 pm Thursday): Peachland, BC – Following years of dedicated service, long-time employee and Chief Administrative Officer Joe...

CAO Joe Mitchell is leaving the District of Peachland

You're getting this before the press release comes out, but the Mayor confirmed it for me on the record this morning: “Yes, it’s true. I found out first and shared it with council, and in the last couple of days we’ve kept it quiet...

Mark your calendars – there’s a drive-in movie planned Aug 27 & 28 at Turner Park

The Peachland Recovery Task Force is planning another drive in movie night. Like last year, the event will be by donation, but they’re hoping some local sponsors will come forward, because Fortis isn’t paying for the entire event, like...

Community Groups

Peachland Street Names

Peachland Street Names

If you’re a Peachlander, whose street are you on? Most of our 129 or so streets are named after someone significant to our town’s history. There’s a small committee of...



Here's the latest from BEEPS - Peachland's Bat Education and Ecological Protection Society The BEEPS summer students have been busy! Kaylene Eytcheson is one of them,...

Peachland Legion

Peachland Legion

Here's the latest from the Peachland Legion! It's going to be a big breakfast at the Legion on July 27, and it will have all the good things. Plus, money raised is...

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