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In case you’re wondering…

..I'll be back at it on Monday the 27! I've given myself some time off in my happy place - my...

Letter to the Editor: We need $30,000-$50,000 to get Turner field ready for kids’ soccer – let’s do it, Peachland!

Note: This appeared as a Facebook comment on my story Tuesday night about the work Randey and...

Imagine a room full of roses – It’s happening this Saturday!

Whether they’re Floribundas, minis, David Austins or hybrid teas - or whether you don’t even know...

Budding Creations is opening a second store, right here: ⬆️

Two retail cannabis stores are allowed in Peachland - and Budding Creations appears to have a lock...

Community Groups

Peachland Legion

Peachland Legion

Here's the latest from the Peachland Legion! It's time for another Legion bottle drive! This one is happening Saturday, June 18 at the IGA parking lot from 8 a.m. to 3...

Peachland Community Arts Council

Peachland Community Arts Council

Here's what's new in the Peachland arts community! Better get your tickets - because the upcoming open mic night Thursday, June 16, 7 p.m. at the art gallery may once...

Okanagan Folk School

Okanagan Folk School

Come and see us at the Peachland Farmer's Market! We're happy to tell you about our school - and we're always open to suggestions on what YOU want to learn! We're also...

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There’s a firehall info session planned for Thursday:

Up to $17.5 million - Councillors tomorrow night will be asked to start the process of authorizing the District’s borrowing of up to that amount for Peachland’s new fire hall - a step that will lead...

Your journalistic talent is a refreshing addition to local news in an up-to-date format. I sincerely applaud your community spirit and professional dedication. The $6/month is worth my investment in you. I like your conversational style online and in person. You have a caring heart and mind to communicate matters of interest.

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