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You all know the media industry is a mess. It’s about corporate ownership and government funding that rewards the big guys while ignoring what used to be at the centre of it all – journalism. Local newspapers are shutting down – but here in Peachland, we’ve had a solid source of local news since The Phoenix launched in March, 2020.

Stories with that extra interview, the added research & understanding that comes when you’re a local – it makes for community news worth reading. And it only works when you live where you write, and you’re directly involved and interested in what Peachlanders are doing. That’s why I launched the Phoenix.

My business model allows me to concentrate on what’s most important: Writing stories that are interesting, super-local, and worth covering. Subscribers have access to quality, original content that covers all the angles, addressing rumours without the clickbait sensationalism. They trust me to get the truth.

I think what you cover – and how you cover it – reflects who you serve, and I’m firmly behind providing a service to Peachlanders. Local community groups always have a spot on my site – each one has its own page. And I’m the only reporter attending those long council meetings – I’ll write it all up for you that night!

I’ve been a reporter at four different weekly papers in Alberta and at the Calgary Sun, where I was a general assignment reporter, a special sections writer and editor, then managing editor for Calgary 24Hours. We moved here eight years ago. I was editor at the Peachland View for a short time, before management laid off the local staff. Right away I got to work on The Phoenix – and since I launched in March 2020, it’s been our town’s only local news source. I’ve said that all along, because I live here, I’m not trucking papers into town, and the reason I exist isn’t because of government funding and advertising – it’s  because people support what I do.

The Peachland Phoenix is always listening and committed to a higher level of journalism. We’re a small town, and that’s why it’s important to expect more from the media. You can choose where you get your news. Subscribe and for just $6 a month, you’ll be part of a needed change: Quality journalism that’s making a difference. With every new subscriber, it becomes more certain this is something I can continue to do. Thank you!


Kristen Friesen

Kristen Friesen

Publisher & Editor

Local News That Puts Peachlanders FIRST!

Peachland's only award - winning media outlet:

• 2020 Mayor's Award of Merit

• 2021 District of Peachland Community Inclusion Award

• 2022 Peachland Chamber of Commerce Entrepreneur of the Year


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