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There’s something missing in Peachland: Good journalism and community news worth reading. Stories with that extra interview, the added research, the ones that come from hitting the pavement, are stories that matter. Community news only works when you live where you write, and you’re directly involved and interested in what locals are doing. That’s why I launched the Phoenix.

The Peachland Phoenix is exclusively online and subscription based. It’s also ad-free. That means I’m not tied to churning out copy just to increase my chances someone will click on a story that contains an ad. The current mainstream media environment, as you know, is suffering based on that premise.

My business model allows me to concentrate on what’s most important: Writing stories that are interesting, super-local, and worth covering. Subscribers have access to quality, original content that covers all the angles without the clickbait sensationalism. I don’t write from press releases, and I’m free of government funding (and the associated influence). There’s no federally-funded Local Journalism Initiative reporters, and I definitely don’t benefit from the $29,000+ in advertising and special projects the District of Peachland contributes to the local paper every year.

I think what you cover – and how you cover it – reflects who you serve, and I’m firmly behind providing a service to Peachlanders. Local community groups always have a spot on my site – I’m happy to help them get the word out, and my business profiles are a way for us all to get to know our local entrepreneurs.

I’ve been a reporter at four different weekly papers in Alberta and at the Calgary Sun, where I was a general assignment reporter, a special sections writer and editor, then managing editor for Calgary 24Hours. We moved here five years ago, and in November 2018 I became editor of the Peachland View. Right after I sent the July 12, 2019 issue to press, I was laid off because of cost concerns.

The Peachland Phoenix is firmly local, always listening, and committed to a higher level of journalism. We’re a small town, and that’s why it’s important to expect more from the media. You can choose where you get your news. Subscribe and for just $6 a month, you’ll be part of a needed change: Quality journalism from the perspective of a local who loves Peachland. With every new subscriber, it becomes more certain that it’s something I can continue to do. Thank you!


Kristen Friesen

Kristen Friesen

Publisher & Editor

Local News That Puts Peachlanders FIRST!

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