Breaking: Accessible Plaza society suspending its fundraising efforts

Press Release from Peachland Historic School Accessible Plaza Society:

The Peachland Historic School Accessible Plaza Society (PHSAPS) is sad to announce that it is suspending its efforts to raise funds for completion of its accessibility project at the Historic School.  The Society will not be dissolved, and may at a later date re-start its efforts to complete the project.  However, rising construction costs and diminishing grant opportunities make continued pursuit of the project unrealistic at this time.

“This was not a decision we wanted to take, but we have to deal with reality,” said Ted Cave, President of the Society.  ”Project costs have ballooned and grant sources have shrunk.  We will review our closure decision at the end of 2022, and decide at that time, on a future course of action.”

Deborah Livingstone, a PHSAPS director and President of the Peachland Community Arts Council echoed those comments.  “As a partner in this project, the Arts Council will continue to hold dear the prospect of making the Historic School a vibrant, fully accessible, community hub, enhanced by the addition of outdoor programming space.  We are sad that this goal has to be postponed and hope that in a post-pandemic era, construction costs will revert to a more normal level.”

The Society is grateful for the encouragement and support it has received from the community.  Grants and donations received will either be retained by the Society for future project use, or, in the case of contributions conditional on project completion, returned to the provider.  No funds will be disposed of for purposes other than those for which they were intended.

Written by Kristen Friesen

December 6, 2021

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