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Monday’s Federal election..

No surprises here in the Central Okanagan-SImilkameen-Nicola riding, where Dan Albas will keep his job as Conservative MP. It's just after 10:30 p.m. as I type, and 90%, AKA 225 of 247 polling station results are in: Albas has 25,393...

A walk along Beach with the BELO..

Building permit scofflaws and our emerging AirBnB scene are Peachland’s biggest bylaw challenges right now, says Travis Nixon. We went for a walk along Beach Ave yesterday, something I’ve been meaning to do for awhile - Nixon, a lifelong...

Are we really that Water Wise?

If there was a greenest lawn contest in Peachland right now, who would win? I know I’m guilty of not being the most water - wise, weeks into our Stage 2 restrictions - my garden is in full harvest mode - and our front lawn is telltale...

Subscriber letter: Thank you, KGH – from the Town Crier

I had a major heart attack on Monday, Labour Day. Emergency Room staff at KGH said I would have died within a couple hours, had my wife not brought me in. After my assessment, they gave me blood-thinner, then called in a cardiac doctor...

Community Groups

50+ Activity Centre

50+ Activity Centre

A new yoga class and art for beginners - two programs being offered at the Peachland 50+ Centre! Yoga is on Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 8:30 to 9:30. Instructor...

Peachland Rotary

Peachland Rotary

Here's the latest news from the Rotary: Peachland Rotarians have just been recognized with a Silver Hero Award for their hard work raising money for ShelterBoxes!...

Peachland Community Arts Council

Peachland Community Arts Council

Here's what's new in the Peachland arts community! Want to find some cool local art, and maybe some lightly used supplies to inspire your own creations? Volunteers...

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Now the splash pad is opening in 2022: District staff

The splash pad won’t be opening this year after all. Community Services Director Cheryl Wiebe said last night she wished she had better news for councillors - but the $570,000 project won’t be fully...

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