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All the Fall events in Peachland…

Monday, October 9: The Peachland Wellness Centre...

Peachland Wellness Centre

The PWC is hosting Thanksgiving Dinner Monday,...

Peachland Community Arts Council

What's going on at the Peachland art gallery?...

The Okanagan Folk School

From stained glass for beginners, to sketching...

Peachland Watershed Protection Alliance

Here's what the PWPA has to say about their Sept...

To be discussed: Will some Peachlanders pay more for water?

Wait for budget season - because that’s when our...

Glen Lake fire is now Held

6:40 PM Tuesday: Mayor Patrick Van Minsel...

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What subscribers are saying…

What subscribers are saying…

“Thank you very much for your awesome live coverage of the election. We were waiting for the results at Cibo & Vines, checking and renewing your reporting on The...

The LOCAL option for advertising!

The LOCAL option for advertising!

Whether you're planning a community event or a promotion for your store, why not let Peachland's only local media outlet in on it? Upcoming events- Want your poster...

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