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Here’s the latest from the Peachland Legion!

It’s time for another Legion bottle drive! This one is happening Saturday, June 18 at the IGA parking lot from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Some of the proceeds will be benefitting the Peachland Wellness Centre!





Some updates from 2021/2020:

Soon it will be November, and the local Legion wants to get the message out. Here’s Jean Saul:

“Our poppy volunteers will be distributing poppy boxes and wreaths on October 29th. Donations to the Poppy Fund will be accepted and all funds go to support our veterans and their families.
The citizens of Peachland have always been generous and supportive of our Legion and Remembrance Day and again this year we are asking for their support.”
The first poppy in Peachland will be presented October 26, and you can get yours at the usual places, starting on the 29th.


It was a big breakfast at the Legion on July 27, and it will have all the good things. Plus, money raised is going to a great cause – the Military Police Fund for Blind Children. It’s run by military police volunteers who find kids in different communities live with blindness by providing needed resources, from guide dogs to training, other specialized equipment, and recreation activities, too.

Nikki Montgomery at the Legion tells me there will be about 30 Military Police motorcycle riders at the Legion on the 27th – and everyone is welcome to attend (they do have an 83-person total capacity).




There’s a new patio and a new president – but what hasn’t changed at Peachland’s local Legion is its focus on community. Dave Reichert is now leading the way, taking over from longtime president Jean Saul.

Crediting her years of service, Reichert says the current executive is focussed on being financially viable – so they can continue to raise money for Peachland groups. Money raised through the Poppy Fund goes to veterans of course, “but the money that’s collected from things like the meat draws, that goes directly to our community groups.”

Not being able to host meat draws (because of COVID restrictions) means the Legion needs to get creative – and Reichart is pleased that so many Peachlanders are coming out of the woodwork to help.

“Whether it’s financial help, work help, intellectual help – anything we can possibly capitalize on from our membership and volunteers, is huge, and they’ve been fantastic.”

A GoFundMe drive has about $450 so far, but it doesn’t count the donations that are being dropped off, plus the little (big) things people are doing. The recent donation of a big-screen TV to maybe attract the sports crowd, and a blower to clean up the new patio are a couple examples.

Non-members are always welcome too, Reichert says.

“Just coming in and getting something to eat, or to drink, all those things, every contribution is putting us in the right direction. We still have a ways to go, but we’re definitely going in the right direction.”

The Legion is hosting another one of its bottle drives this Saturday, June 26. It’s in the usual place, the IGA parking lot and they’ll be set up from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. 

“My biggest thing is just to get everybody working together,” says Reichert. 

“That’s what we’re all here for –  the community and for the Legion. We have to make sure the Legion is a success.”


Legion president Dave Reichert, Perry Lidster, and vice president Bettina Fuchs met me on a sunny Friday morning for this pic..





The Peachland Legion opened up their kitchen Christmas Day. Did you catch up on how some locals spent their day? It was a great team effort:

Dec.23: Blog: Merry Christmas, Peachland! 




Remembrance Day was different this year. But the Legion’s Jean Saul says a project they worked on with the local Rotary served as a public reminder of our town’s sacrifice during war.

For months, they researched and worked on 21 white crosses, each commemorating a Peachland soldier lost during the

The Nov. 4 ceremony at Peachland’s cenotaph.

First and Second World Wars. And on Nov. 4, a small group including Saul, gathered at the Field of Crosses they created for a short, but meaningful service.

“We had to do a fair bit of research,” says Saul of researching the names and ages on each cross.

“Some of them we could not find a date of death, some of them we couldn’t find an age…but it will recognize all 21 people whose names are inscribed on the cenotaph, and they were all Peachlanders.”

Peachland, as you may know, has the sad distinction of losing the most men per capita of any Canadian town during the First World War. During the ceremony, Saul reminded those gathered they were young

people with their whole lives ahead when they died.

“Take a look at their names. Their ages,” she said.

Here they are:

The Legion and the Rotary’s Field of Crosses project is set up at Peachland’s cenotaph.

Sgt. Harold Birkett

Pte. Frank Chapman

Corporal William Dryden

Pte. Ernest McKay

Pte. John Morrison

Pte. Charles Needham

Pte. George Neeham

Pte. Norman Pope

Lance Cpl. Alex Seaton

Pte. Archie Seaton

Pte. Emmett Shaw

Pte. Charles Sutherland

Pte. Arthur Theobald

Pte. Herbert Vivian

Private Royal Edwin Bartee

Warrant Officer 2 Raymond Hathaway Wilson

Flying Officer Frederick Henry Mills

Flying Officer George Robert Pringle

Lieutenant Jackson

Pte. Robert Laidlaw

Pte. Harry Urquhart



The Legion’s last two bottle drives have been huge successes! A whopping 41,988 bottles, cans and refundable containers were dropped off at the IGA July 11. That means the Legion raised $4,101.58. And their Sept 12 bottle drive raised almost $3,900. That money goes towards helping other groups in the community. Dozens of hard-working volunteers put in long hours for those donations! The Legion wants to thank all Peachlanders for their support.




About the Legion:

The Legion (4407 2St.) has a full-service restaurant that’s open with all COVID-related protocols in place. Join them for burger night and fish & chips!

We will never forget, and the Peachland Legion Branch #69 plays an essential role in ensuring our town knows and appreciates the sacrifice of all veterans. They do a lot more than hand out poppies and provide veterans’ support – in addition to their important role during Remembrance Day, the Legion contributes to many local groups. Most recently, they made a donation towards the repair of the historic mural across from Heritage Park, which was damaged by vandals.

Earlier this year, the Legion commemorated the 75th anniversary of Canadian Troops liberating Holland, which happened on May 2, 1945 – an occasion especially poignant as we lose more of our veterans from those years.

Branch phone number: (250) 767-9100


Facebook page


See Nov 6 story More info on Remembrance Day in Peachland 

See Oct 13 story Only 50 allowed at this year’s indoor Remembrance Day ceremony

See May 4 story Tulips and troubling times: How is the Legion doing?

Written by Kristen Friesen

June 4, 2022

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