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Thanks to Leanne Sarsons for sending this in!

This past weekend the ambassadors celebrated 75 years volunteering here in Peachland. We had communities from Cranbrook, Trail, Oliver, west Kelowna an Kelowna.

Donations were given to KGH brain injury unit, over $1,000 was donated!
Thank you so much,
From the Peachland Ambassadors



Pageant weekend has come to a close, and at the end of two days of speeches, entertainment, poofy dresses and interviews, these girls were crowned as Peachland Ambassadors Sept 17!

Ciera is on the left, and Danika on the right. Nine year-old Olivia Gemperle was crowned Little Miss Peachland.

It was a masquerade theme:



My view of the entertainment from the judge’s table. Thanks for inviting us to do this again! Shelley Sweeney, Heidi Slyngbom, Corey Labrecque and I enjoyed getting to know the candidates. The Sarsons family puts so much effort into pageant weekend and the Ambassador program!

Danika was sponsored by the Peachland Community Arts Council, and Ciera was sponsored by Patrick Van Minsel Consulting. Ambassadors from Kelowna, West Kelowna, Trail and Cranbrook all attended:


I spoke with Shirley May. She’s 87 and was Peachland’s first Ambassador, in 1947! The title was Peachland Royal Princess back then. This is the sash she wore – and she was presented with a new one Saturday night.



The Peachland Ambassadors were a big part of this year’s Canada Day parade! While the Ambassadors themselves were on this awesome float, Linda Sarsons was in the honoured Citizen of the Year vehicle, driven by local resident Randey Brophy:



What an awards season for the Peachland Ambassadors! At the civic awards June 3, Linda Sarsons, the matriarch of the organization, won Citizen of the Year! Very well deserved. The Ambassadors also received the Councillors’ Award of Merit!


The next day, the Ambassadors were active in the community again, manning their info booth at the 50+ Centre!



The guitar show, their ‘hot seat’ talks, the Chamber’s Business Excellence Awards (where they received special recognition for their 75 years of service)…the Peachland Ambassadors have been busy! It’s been awhile since I’ve caught up to them at an event – so I stole some pics from their Facebook page (and the pic below is from local photographer Matthew Abrey):



The Ambassadors hosted another one of their ‘hot seats’ recently – and this time it was local nutrition expert and author, Kayla Klassen! (that’s her, on the right.)



The Peachland Ambassadors had a very busy Easter weekend! They hosted an Easter Bonnet Tea and their debut night! There’s a great group of young people this year. Sponsors are the World of Wheels, the Peachland Lions, the Peachland Community Arts Council, Patrick Van Minsel Consulting, Bosley’s Peachland, and Willie’s Painting!







Did you catch the St. Paddy’s Dog walk / parade? It was a success!

The Peachland Lions grilled hot dogs – and generously donated $1,000 to the Ambassadors, in honour of their 75th year!


Mr. and Mrs. Town Crier!




The Ambassadors are turning 75 this year! That’s quite a feat and the Sarsons are hoping some young people will be interested in joining their 2022 program. You’ll learn different skills and have a chance to represent our town. They’ve adapted really well to all this COVID stuff and still made last year’s season a success! The Ambassadors are recruiting for Little Buddies (ages four to 10) and Ambassadors (ages 14-18). If you know someone who is interested, give Linda Sarsons a call at (778)479-2843, send a text to (778)583-9090, or email


Yay! The Peachland Ambassadors recently went to their first in-person, out of town pageant!

From their Facebook page…



Two new ambassadors have been crowned! Sorsha Perry and Dae-Lillee Baillie-McGillivary were the centre of the annual pageant, held Saturday, September 19. The girls were interviewed by a panel of judges, they showed us their filmmaking and musical skills, they’re both excellent public speakers – they worked really hard this year! Good for the Sarsons family for keeping this going. And thanks for asking myself, Shelley Sweeney and Heidi Slyngbom to judge! We had fun. Here are some pics from pageant night:

At the end of the night, Aiyana Bremner (centre) officially crowned Dae-Lillee (left) and Sorsha as Peachland Ambassadors. Between the three of them, we have a dirt-biker, a saxophone player and a filmmaker!


Dae’s sponsor speech – in full firefighter gear! Peachland Fire and Rescue was her sponsor this year..


Sorsha is an accomplished saxophone player..




On Aug 6, the Peachland Ambassador Society hosted a speech competition / fashion show / cake auction at the community centre!

Sorsha (on the left) made her dress entirely out of sheet music, featuring her favourite songs. She spoke about what she’s learned in the working world so far.
Dae-Lillee (on the right) put together some thrift store fashions and shared her love of filmmaking. Both are Ambassador Candidates right now, while Lily (in the middle!) is a Peachland Ambassador.
It was also great to see / hear Keith Thom’s songs in front of a live audience again.
Next up, is the Ambassador’s big pageant planned for Sept 18. Will keep you posted so you can see what these talented ladies are up to! 👏🏻 👏🏻

Recently the Ambassadors were treated to a walking history tour! Hunter, Dae-Lillee and Sorsha have been busy learning about our town long ago, thanks to volunteers like Lynn Herrin and Phyllis Papineau 🙂










Peachland has a trio of musicians as its Ambassadors this year – and all three are keen to learn everything they can while contributing to our town.

Hunter, Dae-Lillee, and Sorsha are Grade 11 students at MBSS and they want to do Peachland proud, by learning about our town’s history, plus lessons in personal finance, etiquette and other life skills.

“I do get good kids,” says Linda Sarsons. She’s been running the Ambassador program (with the help of Leanne and Ernie Sarsons) since 2012. Just like in 2020, they won’t be travelling to other towns, and appearances at community events are of course cancelled. And while other areas have decided to nix going ahead this year, the Sarsons have decided to pivot:

“It was about a month ago I learned how to do Zoom,” Linda says.

“And the kids are quite happy just learning – they are all so interesting,” she adds.

“We met with the Mayor on Zoom and they talked to her for nearly two full hours. She drew them out and they were asking questions of her that just floored me. I sat back and I listened. It was phenomenal.”

One tradition that’s changed is the annual shopping trip for the Ambassadors’ outfits. This year’s trio kept in touch with Linda via text while they found what to wear at the mall. They ended up with a pink and blue theme. They’ve also met with Peachland councillor and Chamber of Commerce executive director Patrick Van Minsel to talk about financial planning and running a business, plus they’ve managed a socially-distant firehall visit. That was neat, says Linda, because Avery Takenaka, a former Ambassador, is now with the fire department.

“She showed them the fire trucks and the parts of it. One of our girls, Dae, was really interested, and so the fire department is her sponsor.”

Want to meet this year’s Ambassadors? Here they are!

This year’s trio, Hunter, Dae-Lillee and Sorsha.
(Thanks, Ernie Sarsons for the photo!)


Dae-Lillee: The Grade 11 student is really into music and practices trombone and piano.

“My main kind of focus in music is jazz,” she says.

“I really love jazz, and aside from that, I’m also really into film. I’ve got tons of old film cameras, camcorders, it’s always something I’ve been into. I even thought of going to film school.”

She’s hoping the Ambassadors can in some way, have a part in Peachland’s Canada Day celebrations this year.

“With COVID going on, it seems like this year won’t be as fun, but even through the Zoom calls and when we do get to meet up, it’s still connecting with each other, which I think is a really big part of it, which is nice to still have that. I’m glad we still have the opportunity.”

Dae-Lillee is sponsored this year by the Peachland Fire and Rescue Service.


Hunter: “I was visiting Peachland for Canada Day and I saw the Ambassadors on the parade float,” says the 16 (soon to be 17) year-old Grade 11 student.

“I thought that if I signed up, it could help me feel more inspired to be in public, and have less anxiety about that.”

Hunter hopes to get into the medical profession – like a first responder “or a maybe a fitness trainer, too,” he says.

Hunter is sponsored this year by the Peachland World of Wheels.


Sorsha: She’s also in Grade 11 and was a candidate in the Ambassador program last year.

“It’s a good group to be in,” she says.

Sorsha plays trombone and tenor sax, and she’s a dancer too.

“I enjoy that a lot, and I paint a lot too,” she says.

Sorsha is looking forward to meeting the community group who has sponsored her this year – the Peachland Community Arts Council.





Don’t these dogs look great? The Ambassadors planned their first-ever virtual St. Pawtrick’s Day parade, and judging by these photos, it was a great success! Check out the Peachland Ambassador’s Facebook page for more!


Good news from the Ambassadors! After having to cancel everything last year, they’re going to give a modified season a try for 2021. There was an information meeting on Tuesday, Feb. 23 at 7 p.m. (via Zoom, of course). Want more info? Email the Ambassadors at, or message them on Facebook!


2020 was a year our Peachland Ambassadors could complain about being cancelled – but instead, they’re feeling grateful. Linda Sarsons sent this reporter a message recently that she wanted to pass on to you all:

“I’d like to put in a thank you to Peachlanders for all their support in our ongoing bottle drive,” she says.

“Ever since the pandemic hit in March, people have been so great about donating to the Ambassador program.”

Money raised goes right back into helping local kids gain confidence, friendship and lasting memories as an Ambassador. Hopefully next year they can get back to pageants and all the community events where we’re used to seeing their smiling faces.

If you have bottles to donate, please email the Ambassadors at, or message them on Facebook!



Here’s a little more about the program…

From Christmas Light Up, to Canada Day, Peachland Elementary’s annual school carnival, to their own event, the St. Patrick’s Doggy walk, you’ll find the Peachland Ambassadors, wearing their trademark sashes and smiles, along with their eagerness to help.

Name the community event, and it’s very likely you’ll find a Peachland Ambassador!

The Ambassadors – headed up by the Sarsons family – Linda, Leanne and Ernie, have been a Peachland tradition for decades. This is the ninth year matriarch Linda has been at the helm, and this year, there are seven candidates and two junior ambassadors. This year is different, of course. For the first time in their 73-year history, their September pageant has been cancelled and they’re putting the program on hold until 2021.

More info: Anyone from the age of five and up can be part of the Ambassador program. Little Buddies go up to age nine, then there’s the junior ambassadors, and then by the time they’re 14 or so, the kids can become an ambassador. They are sponsored by a local business or service group, and must illustrate their poise, public speaking ability, etiquette and community involvement. The kids are coached along the way, while learning more about Peachland’s history and promoting our town to other communities with Ambassador programs.

If you want to get involved in the Ambassador program, email, or check them out on Facebook


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Written by Kristen Friesen

September 23, 2022

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