When you find a local biz you really like, supporting them feels good!

I want you to have that feeling when you think of advertising! If you’re a local biz owner (no matter how small!) I know money for marketing can be a luxury. But if it’s something you can do, I want you to have the BEST experience possible.

How advertising with me is different:

🍑 Your ad is created in Peachland, by Peachlanders! I have an excellent local graphic designer working with me – you may remember Mary Kletchko from our time at the Peachland View! She’s a pleasure to work with + quick & talented, too.

🍑 The Phoenix is our town’s only local media outlet. I can say this because most newspapers are owned by larger companies (no local employees), and smaller papers, like the one here in town, choose to be federally-funded. If you’re buying an ad, it’s getting trucked into town every week – and there’s no way of knowing whether your ad is read, or whether it winds up in the trash.

Newspaper advertising isn’t the same anymore – so if you’re into an option that supports another local biz, keeps independent media in town & is dedicated to recognizing what YOU do – then, let’s talk! I think the more local businesses work together, the better 🙂


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February 3, 2023

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