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Display ad – Have an upcoming sale, anniversary or special event you want Peachlanders to see? Or do you just want to let people know you’re around? Your made-in-Peachland ad will appear in a prominent position beside my top news stories on my Home page. It will also appear on the Advertisement page of my website, along with a few words of your choice. And, I’ll share it on my social media. – The Phoenix is a local business, too, so you know you’ll be promoted with lots of care!

COST : $75 / week + a $50 fee for each new design


Business Profile – What’s a business profile? A story on whatever you’d like to say about your business! We’ll meet for an interview and photo (20-30 mins). You’ll have an opportunity to make changes to the piece before it’s published on the Advertising page for as long as you like! I will also place your profile on my Home page for one week. Your profile will also be shared on my social media (one Facebook post + story and one Instagram post + story.)

COST: $400

Business profile customers: Bosley’s Peachland, Peachland Wine Shoppe, TNI Business Services, Jeff Creamer Realty, Hainle Winery, and more!



Community Groups:

Each group in town has a spot on The Phoenix Community Page! I’ll update all your information for free. This page is for subscribers only, so if you’d like your info shared on the Home page and my email newsletter (once a week), a professional, locally-made display ad will be created for you! Your ad will also appear on the Advertisement page of my website, along with a few words of your choice (100 words max). Ask about event posters! This is a great way to put your advertising budget dollars back into a locally-run business.

COST : $75 / week+ a $50 fee for each new design


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January 1, 2023

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