I’d rather be small & effective than big & boring…

‘Our desire to please the masses interferes with our need to make something that matters.’

-Seth Godin (one of my favourite thinkers)


I could pepper you with stories on car accidents, stuff seen on social media (that cute wild cat!), and the latest press release. And although other outlets get clicks and attention, it’s all very surface – and kind of the same, isn’t it?

My subscribers are into something different – they know how the splash pad went off the rails. They were first to know October’s election results – and they’re getting a good sense of how this new council is doing. I’m the only reporter in town who shows up for public hearings and council meetings. Budget season is coming up. Sound boring? Yeah, sometimes! But I go because when decisions are being made that affect us all, one of us should be there to explain it to the rest, no?

I’ll keep humming along with my relatively small group of supporters (300 and counting!) When I started The Phoenix almost three years ago, my desire was (still is!) to serve Peachland with info that serves our community. Not every story will be super sexy and clickable. But the info is still there, for those who want to know. And I think it’s info that matters. I live here too!

My first biz licence, January 2020


More words from another podcast I listen to (The Cathy Heller podcast):

“We’re not here to serve everybody. We’re here to serve a small group of people who become (invested) in what we have to say – and that’s it. We can’t serve everybody because if we try and serve everybody, we make something that’s boring. We say something that’s boring. And we make stuff that no one is excited to talk about.”

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(this was originally published January 4, 2023)


January 4, 2023

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