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More hours in the day and someone to handle all those little to-dos adding up in your head – it’s on every entrepreneur’s wishlist, and the locals who started TNI Business Services are willing to bet that late nights spent diving into accounting and admin matters, or struggling with IT stuff may not be how you want to spend your time. Wouldn’t it be nice to focus more on your ideas for actually growing your business and taking it to the next level?

That’s exactly why TNI – which recently celebrated its 22nd year as a made-in-Peachland success story, wants to reach out to local business owners through TNI Business Services. Whether you’re on your own, or running a restaurant downtown, chances are there’s an aspect of your operation that could use some help.

“We’ve seen a lot of different businesses, and we’re well-established in learning what they need,” says Jenny Trotman, the VP of Marketing for TNI. While the main company is well-known for its expertise in marketing and acquisition efforts for both businesses and non-profit organizations, this new branch, TNI Business Services, basically takes decades of experience in financial services, human resources, IT, web design, and marketing – and offers specialized help. It all starts with a free consultation, Trotman says.

“We can sit down with you and evaluate your business, figure out your needs and help determine where you’re struggling the most.”


Jenny Trotman and Michael Dyck of TNI Business Services.


For example, you may have a solid website and marketing plan, but you just hired a bunch of staff. Do you have decent employment policies in place? TNI Business Services has developed various guidelines over the years, and they have templates for employment standards, agreements and checklists. They can even help with WCB matters, recruitment, marketing (super helpful that TNI’s Effective Printing does smaller runs for those with print needs) – and pretty much everything you can think of, from web pages, to setting up databases, digital ads and logo designs.

Plus, TNI’s Ignite ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning software is also available for local businesses to use. Michael Dyck is TNI’s VP of Finance, and explains the ERP software is used to run all aspects, including production, marketing, accounting and manufacturing. It’s perfect for businesses that have their own accounting staff.

“But we also have our suite of BSI services that are great for businesses that just want us to take care of things for them. We can even combine them – for example, we could do all of someone’s accounting and payroll and the business owner could combine that with an ERP subscription so they can log in on their own, approve payments, review reports and see how things are going.”

Dyck says they’re happy to customize what they offer.

“Our area of expertise covers everything from the smallest startup to larger, multi-company, multi-currency organizations that operate locally and abroad.”

That flexibility can help all businesses reach the next level, adds Trotman.

“We don’t want businesses to feel like ‘I have to hire a finance person, an HR person, a marketing person’ – because that’s a challenge for a lot of smaller businesses. All those resources are costly. Also, you’re going to be more successful by having a professional company do some of those key things, rather than trying to do it all. You’ll be a happier business owner, because you’re not running yourself into the ground.”

This post-pandemic world we’re inching towards represents a new beginning for many businesses, and Peachland has a lot of entrepreneurs. Trotman wants all of them to know, no matter how big or small, TNI Business Services wants to help you succeed.

Packages start at $250 a month, or you can pick and choose what you need – you’ll be paired with your own account manager, who will make sure your questions are being answered and your goals are being met. And the payment plans are flexible.

“The biggest thing for people to know is that we can start small and grow from there. If it’s just them and it’s a sole proprietorship, and they’re not sure about write-offs and taxes and ways to do certain things – we can help. A lot of times, people are just trying to do it themselves the best they can,” says Trotman. 

“There could even be just one small area that they need help with and that’s where we come into play and help with those little areas.”

Basically, this is about a Peachland business helping others succeed.

“So many businesses are stuck in the weeds doing a lot of the day to day and they don’t have time to stop and take a breath and go ‘what else could I be doing to be more profitable’,” Trotman says.

“That’s why we want to help.”


TNI Business Services:


(250) 767-1016

4422 1st St., Peachland

Open Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

August 6, 2021

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