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We’ve all heard about supporting local. Have you considered supporting your local news?
The Peachland Phoenix is different:
• I actually live here! My stories are 100% focussed on Peachland. And because I’m online, I’m not handing out a product that’s printed in Vancouver and then trucked into Peachland every week.
• I don’t get government handouts. Local Journalism Initiative reporters? Provincial government ads? Advertising revenue from the District of Peachland (to the tune of more than $32,000 on average a year?) Unlike the local newspaper, I want no part of it.
❤️ 🍑 Our town needs independent journalism. It’s why I launched The Phoenix last March. Want to know why sidewalks aren’t getting built? I wrote about that. Don’t want to wait a week to hear what happened during the last council meeting? Why have some well-known Peachland developments failed? (I’m working on it!) Want someone willing to hear your story idea? I’m here because of you – but this only continues with your support! $4 a month and your first month is free!
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Written by Kristen Friesen

March 8, 2021

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