The Phoenix is Peachland’s only source of local, independent news

…And I can say this because:

  • I live here – and I’m the only journalist / publisher of a local outlet who actually does!
  • I am 100% subscriber-supported! This means I’m not tied to government advertising, grant money, or relying on other small businesses to pay my way.
  • Do you know the District of Peachland gives the Peachland View tens of thousands of dollars every year in advertising and special projects? (If you want to know the numbers, just ask – I have them!) When I was editor of that paper a few years ago, I was uncomfortably aware that if the District ever ceased their contribution, there would be serious financial consequences for the View – so I wrote accordingly. And for me, that didn’t feel right.
  • Because I’m subscriber-supported, I write stories based on what the people paying me want to read. Why don’t we have sidewalks and sewer? What’s up with Peachland’s biggest developments? And how did that splash pad become such a mess? Have a story idea? I’m always listening.
  • I’m also a volunteer with our Peachland-based Okanagan Folk School and the Fall Fair. And I’m always willing to give local community groups space on my website for free. No deadlines, no hassles. I just want to help!

But this only continues with more subscribers. Just $6 a month and you get stories not being told anywhere else, from a local’s perspective. If you want to know what’s going on in Peachland, from someone who will work their butt off for you – Sign up here and your first month is free!

Thanks for reading 🙂


Written by Kristen Friesen

May 24, 2022

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