Peachland Recovery Task Force
Volunteers with the PRTF sent this Letter to the Editor:

The Peachland Recovery Task Force wants to thank everyone who were and are instrumental in assisting our community throughout the onslaught of the pandemic.  To those front line workers who, having been employed on a full time basis during COVID and were required to go to their workplaces to fulfill their obligations of providing services to our community we have put together a very small token of our appreciation and hand-delivered them last week.   We are Nuts About You!

Thank you for all that you do!

-Shelley Sweeney, Peachland Recovery Task Force


The second-annual drive-in movie nights August 27 and 28 at Turner Park were a success! Maleficent and the Abominable played on the big screen on the Friday and Saturday night.
Organizer Rick Ingram says that because Fortis didn’t the cost of the entire event like they did last year, they relied on community sponsors and ticket sales to make this event a success.
“Even with these great sponsorships, we are needing much of the ticket donations to cover the rest of the event cost,” he explains.
He adds that any surplus money will be used to fund a PRTF event later this fall.
Exciting!! On May 4, the Peachland Recovery Task Force announced the big winners of their Pig Out for Prizes contest. There were at least 1000+ entries, with Peachlanders handing in their restaurant receipts.
Dave Wood won the grand prize – $700 worth of local gift certificates!
Marianne won $450 worth of gift certificates
And Ken won $250 worth of gift certificates! Excellent.
The winners will be contacted! Congrats + great contest! – I’m told local restaurants definitely felt the love 🍑🎉

How did the contest work? For every $10 spent at a participating restaurant during the week – and for every $20 spent between Friday to Sunday, you got an entry into a draw. All you needed to do is write your name on the back of your receipt when you dine out at Peachland restaurants. Receipts left in the drop box at each restaurant were collected by volunteers.




Have any ideas on activities or projects the Peachland Recovery Task Force should do next? Here’s the survey they just released.



It was great running into Madeleine Nixon, Shelley Sweeney and Lynne Herrin on Easter Sunday! They helped organized the Easter Egg Walk and all proceeds went to the local Boys and Girls Club. Families who pre-registered took part in a fun walk down an Easter egg-decorated Centennial pathway – but not before they got a bunch of Easter treats!








What a nice Valentine’s Day treat! PRTF volunteers did a hot chocolate drive thru by donation on Valentine’s Day! Rated ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️ ⭐️⭐️ by our backseat passengers 🙂














The Virtual Light Up Gala was a big effort – and a big success!

Remember the Light Up Virtual Gala that was held Dec. 4? I touched base with co-organizer Rick Ingram. With 144 tickets sold, plus what came in from donations, restaurants and the silent auction, the Peachland Recovery Task Force was able to raise just over $12,400 (after expenses and everything else was calculated). Four local groups were chosen beforehand to receive the funds, BEEPS, the PWC, Peachland Boys and Girls Club, and the Peachland Sportsmen’s Association.

“Our Allocation Committee has decided that the breakdown among the groups will be 40% to the Boys & Girls Club, 30% to the Peachland Wellness Centre, and 15% to each of BEEPS and the Peachland Sportsmen’s Association,” Ingram said, shortly after the event.





A drive-in movie night in Turner Park was just the thing Peachlanders needed to wrap up one strange summer.

The Drive-In event was limited to 50 cars, and took place Sept 11 and 12th. Back To the Future played the first night, and Toy Story 4 was the feature the second night. A suggested donation ($20 – $30 per car) meant that $2,300 was donated to the Peachland Food Bank!

“The food bank is really being slammed so it’s a good one to support,” said Rick Ingram, one of the organizers.





What is the Peachland Recovery Task Force? They’re made up of community members and volunteers from local groups – from the Lions Club, to the Rotary and Peachland Sportsmen’s Association, the Peachland Wellness Centre, Peachland Boys and Girls Club, BEEPS, the Peachland Community Arts Council and more! Their aim is to get Peachland back on its feet by organizing events that helps the food bank, the community in general, and the groups mentioned above.

Written by Kristen Friesen

December 10, 2021

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