Peachland Bosley’s

The best part of Peachland is its people – and pets too.

Cam Banman and his wife, Shawna are lucky enough to meet both on a daily basis. The owners of Bosley’s by Pet Valu here in town say Peachland has been very good to them over the past two and a half years.

“We really get to know our customers,” Cam says.

“And that’s what I like about Peachland. It’s more personal and you get to know people. I even have people come from West Kelowna because it’s just different here.”

The Banmans – who have Molly, a Black Lab / Golden Retriever Cross (who is not black in colour, by the way), and a cat named Kitty, say it’s pretty split among Peachlanders as far as the most popular pet that accompanies customers to the store.

“A lot of people have both, and then there’s some who are dog people and some who are cat people. We’ve had a snake and a bearded dragon in here before, and there’s also birds that come in on their owners’ shoulder,” says Cam.

It takes all kinds, they say – and so Bosley’s is stocked with all sorts of supplies, from food to leashes, beds and toys, grooming tools and training pads.

“We do have some unique things we’ve brought in, like different harnesses and different brands of food that are comparable in price point to some of the grocery store brands, yet higher quality. That’s kind of the big thing that we do,” Cam says. He’s saved a few Peachlanders from Costco trips, by pointing them to a better brand sold right here in town.

And just like most businesses, there’s been some ups and downs – including of course, this pandemic.

“The first year was smoky, and then the next year was kind of normal, and then there’s this year,” says Cam.

“We’ve spent our time growing our local business and we take care of our locals. The tourists are a bonus, but we want to get to know who lives here.”

Both Cam and Shawna say they want to thank Peachlanders.

“Everybody has been so supportive and it’s been amazing,” says Cam.

“Our customers say they’re thankful for us being here, and we’re thankful they come in and shop with us and give us the opportunity to have a business here in Peachland.”

Bosley’s by Pet Valu is located in the Peachland mall. Their phone number is (250) 767-0121.

May 23, 2020

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