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Mary Kletchko can be reached via, or call her at (250) 826-8686!

When Mary Kletchko was five years old, she had a very important task for her two older sisters.

“I still remember directing them on how to cut out my paper dolls – I was so picky about the clean cuts and accuracy, but I was too small to do it myself. Maybe that was the very beginning of my design career.”

That attention to detail has long been a foundation for Mary, whose graphic design experience goes back to when computers were just emerging as tools of the trade. Graphic design is all about problem solving and communicating through the use of typography, photography and illustration. Look at any advertisement, billboard, website or magazine – and when you see something that just seems to click, that has impact, you’re seeing effective graphic design.

“It was 1982 and there was a shopping network being developed for television,” Mary recalls.

“They needed people who could design how information would be displayed on the screen. I remember thinking ‘OK this is it, I have found my niche, and will be a combination of design and computers.’ I like that it’s clean and precise and allows you to do some pretty amazing things.”

You’ve definitely seen Mary’s work – back in 2004, she designed BC’s Veteran licence plate.

Joking that she’s been referred to as the ‘dinosaur of desktop publishing’, Mary has done everything from typesetting to teaching.

“I taught some amazingly talented people and from them, I grew my own skills and talents as a designer. I have always considered myself very lucky to be at the forefront of using computers as a design tool.”

Good design – whether it’s a logo or a wedding invitation – may look simple, but it’s all about the details. These days, logos must be adaptable to different mediums and uses, while keeping the message compelling and consistent. Mary can also tweak existing logos and often works with different print vendors – meaning she’ll ensure you’re getting the most for your money while creating effective designs.

business profile mary kletchko“Inherently, I’m a teacher,” Mary says.

“But I also love good design, and as a small business, keeping it local and cost-effective is important. That’s why I’m here.”

To contact Mary, call (250) 826-8686, or email

March 1, 2020

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