Letters to the Editor: What really goes on during council meetings + Too many Peachland slogans!

What really goes on during council meetings:

A screenshot of an October, 2021 council meeting on Zoom..


I watched the recent (online January 25, 2022) meeting of Peachland Council.  I was not impressed.

Lakeview stands fine storeys high on their history of Gateway’s “success”. That corridor will look like a condo alleyway to the lake on once flooded ground (below lake level).  Hope the foundation will support the development like Council did. Council appeared not to need further convincing, when offered another show.

When asked to Council what legacy will be given to the next, not much substance or advice came forward. Quietness prevailed. Considerations appeared to be avoided by most and electioneering by some who are preparing one’s own destiny.

Getting off the obvious, was a repeated “effluent” eradication responsibility.  Passing dirty hands to the BC government is not a solution to the slurry.  In the end, the need to go is our responsibility, not likely taken on by upper levels of sewer lines.

Reports to council were minimal, but informational. It’s what wasn’t said or given that tells a bigger story.  Zoom etiquette showed various concentration levels lapsing and “rubber stamping”.  Preparedness or lack of tells a tale of alertness or lack of.

Wayne P. Peachland

ED NOTE – I was first to bring you a story on a councillor’s ‘big ask’ for sewer service from the province. It’s a conversation at the end of the Jan 25 meeting that caught my eye & that’s why I wrote it that night…



Too many Peachland slogans!

Thanks for your article on Peachland signage (Jan 29 – What do you think when you see this sign)

I love Peachland. I think the biggest problem with the signage is the slogan, ‘Historic Peachland.’ Sounds very boring. Yes, Peachland has a couple of historic buildings and even better we have great historic stories about amazing Peachlanders. I think we should use historic in descriptions but not in the slogan. 

Also confusingly, there are other slogans in signage around Peachland. “Discover Peachland!” Again a slogan that doesn’t mean anything. 

And finally, “The Heart of the Okanagan”  – the best slogan currently in use. It reflects Peachland’s geographic location and sends a message of warmth and welcome. 

The signs themselves are boring and old looking. I personally don’t like the idea of an electronic sign – it would in my opinion take away from the ‘welcome to Peachland’ message. But certainly Peachland should have a sign that is bold and classy. Just my thoughts. 

-Cat M., Peachland 

ED NOTE: Don’t forget the ‘On the Lake’ slogan you see on District letterhead! Yes, Peachland’s branding is inconsistent. Back in 2008, the District hired a consulting firm to look at a new brand for Peachland – I guess what came of that is what you see today..

Written by Kristen Friesen

February 3, 2022

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