Jeff Creamer, Realtor

Moving from the coast for a quieter, more family-focused life is something we’re seeing in Peachland – and local Realtor Jeff Creamer can relate to these new residents. His family – including wife Gail and their young son, arrived here from Abbotsford two years ago.

Today, he’s helping people navigate (a super active!) local real estate market – along with offering the peace of mind that’s extra-appreciated today.

Jeff, who works out of the Royal LePage office just up the hill in Westbank, has a host of resources on his site, He’s well-versed in the new normal of vIrtual consultations and showings, and his people-first approach means clients aren’t pressured into making what’s known as one of life’s most important decisions.

“It’s not about houses,” Jeff says.

Whether you’re selling or looking for your own piece of paradise in the valley, Jeff is happy to help!
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“I mean obviously, you have to know the inventory and things about houses, but 99% of it is about people.”

It’s a change from his previous career in business development at a manufacturing company, where he dealt more with products and engineers.

“I was travelling all over Canada, North America, Europe and so I was gone a lot,” he says.

When their son came along, it was clear to Jeff a career change was in order.

“I always liked the idea of real estate,” he says.

Gail was working for a commercial realtor at the time, and so Jeff had no shortage of connections for advice and help getting started.

“I wanted something I could make a living at, but be home every day. So that’s how I got into it.”

Everyone has a real estate story, and those happy endings come from dealing with clients from a relationship standpoint, says Jeff.

“That’s how I like to work. My philosophy is I always look at people like it was my mom. Like, if I was advising my mom in this situation, what would I say?”

This is probably why you won’t find him hustling clients into a purchase.

“I’ll take you around, I’ll show you everything there is about the house, but you’re the one buying it. I’m not here to sell you something – I’m here to help you find what you really want.”

As mentioned earlier, Jeff and his family can identify with others in recent months who, perhaps out of a desire to live a different pace of life, have moved here from the coast.

“I think with virtual workspaces and everything going on, people want to get out of the city,” Jeff says.

That was his motivation – and it hit him, years ago as he was driving through Vancouver traffic.

“I was showing houses in the backwoods of Maple Ridge and traffic was just awful – it was like, why are we living here?”

A good question, agreed Gail. And so the very next weekend, they went off to explore the Okanagan.

“We started at Osoyoos. We went to Okanagan Falls, Penticton, Summerland..we went all the way to Lake Country.”

And when a house in Summerland failed to materialize, one in Peachland did – and of course, it was the view that sold it.

“And then we realized how friendly everyone is here,” Jeff says.

“When we were driving around, we felt like we were in a parade because everybody we drove by was waving and then we saw the house and it was like ‘yup, this is it.”

A couple years later, they feel settled in, and Jeff says he’s looking for ways to get involved in the community.

“I’m surprised how much we love this little town,” he says.

“I kind of wanted to go to a small town but I didn’t know what to expect. We love Peachland. And our little guy, everybody here is so friendly – I think he’s going to be Mayor someday, he talks to everyone.”

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November 13, 2020

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