“I hope my pictures get people outside”: Peachland photographer is selling her first calendar

She’s seen baby eagles perched in a nest, a fawn nestled on the forest floor, even a mountain goat – all through her 400mm lens.

Kari Beharrell is a self-taught photographer who has a simple answer when I ask her what she loves most about taking photos.

“I love animals,” she says.

 “That’s how I got into wildlife photography. I talk to them when I’m taking their picture. That’s how they start looking at me, I think they like to listen.”

Thanks to countless hikes over the years, Kari has been able to find and photograph all sorts of animals. And now – mostly because of the encouragement of her daughters, she’s put together a calendar. It’s called Peachland Locals 2022 and every animal was photographed in Peachland, and all except one (the mountain goat) were pictures she took this year. 50% of the proceeds from the $25 calendar are going towards the Peachland Watershed Protection Alliance and their efforts.

“I figure I might as well try and support someone else – there’s so much going on with our watershed, and they need help,” says Kari.

I take a couple photos of Kari at the Gladstone trailhead, and as we head back to our cars, she mentions this calendar is kind of a baby step in establishing a bit of a business from her work.

“My daughter is always encouraging me to get out there, so this is my first step,” Kari says.

You can follow her on Instagram at @karileephotography, and her website is coming soon.

Do you want to purchase a calendar? Here’s the link.

This is one of Kari’s favourites in the 2022 Peachland Locals calendar..





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Written by Kristen Friesen

December 8, 2021

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