Goose poop: It’s not just a summer problem

That’s what I was thinking this morning, as I walked from Lakeside Auto to Bliss. The car was getting its winter shoes, and as soon as I stepped onto the Beach Ave walkway by our cenotaph, I had to make sure mine weren’t stepping in Canada goose crap. It’s pretty bad around there right now, and when I got to Swim Bay, there were around 25 of those big birds, soaking in that sun we got earlier today. They cared not when I walked near them:


Once I got settled at Bliss with my latte and laptop, I sent a quick email to Cheryl Wiebe, Peachland’s director of community services.

“Goose management is primarily a summer responsibility,” she replied. (Indeed, a District worker was installing Christmas lights nearby).

“However, we always make a concerted effort to clean up around the cenotaph for Remembrance Day.”

Subscribers, you’ll recall earlier this year councillors approved an $11,000 budget item, to be paid for through municipal taxation. It’s a goose poop scooper machine. Did you see it around this summer? It was in operation starting in May, and the collected poop goes to the District’s compost site. Ribbons were also used to deter the geese during the summer. While the District (and the local newspaper) said it was working, others disagreed. One of my subscribers sent along her pics of poop-covered docks back in July.

“It’s truly disgusting,” she said.


…this little family during the summer, just a few feet away from the last ribbon. This was at the south end of the pier…


But now it’s November, and it looks like some of these geese may stay? I’m not up on general goose knowledge, so I searched – I was not aware that some flocks don’t fly south for the winter. According to the Canadian Geographic website, some spots from BC to southern Ontario are suitable for a winter stay, as long as food and open water is available. Otherwise, the majority of geese fly south to the States in September and October, heading as far away as northeastern Mexico.

Hmm so maybe these feathered friends – and their poop, are here to stay….



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Written by Kristen Friesen

November 8, 2021

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