Getting close to 300 subscribers!

…But two cancellations before 6 a.m. Ooof. I’m up early again, as I do when I want to write about my business. And being that this was Small Business Week in BC, well I might as well go with it – so I started with a sentence saying I’m at almost at that milestone. I have 294 customers, woohoo!

This was before I checked my email (yes, a mistake first thing in the morning). While I had one new subscriber yesterday, two more decided to cancel. It happens – no longer logging in / a non-reply to renewal notices / they’re “too old” (her words!) for the online-only format. People are busy with their lives and other priorities. And you either make an effort or you don’t. As a business owner, a big lesson I’m learning is to not to let that rejection get me down. This has gotten easier, as I grow. For some customers, their willingness to come along as I evolve & fine-tune this thing will wane. That’s OK because it’s how you find an audience – your audience, the people who really get it, who gladly support your work. And the best thing about running this small business, without question, has been that part: My customers.

It’s where I devote my energy: People who log in and read my election coverage, as it’s happening. People who want to research what went wrong with some big projects during the last term of council. Local groups who see that I’m reliable getting their message out, delivering it for free and with a lot more enthusiasm. People who support me, just because I’m a fellow Peachlander trying to do something different. Other small businesses in town who display my cards, even reminding me when they run out!

Some recent words from subscribers:

“Thank you for all you do and for having the courage to start your own business and make it a success….I honestly think The Phoenix is a must-read for anyone who wants to know what is going on in Peachland.”

“Thanks for your great reporting on election night. We got the results from you first.”

“Thank you for your honest reporting around the outgoing mayor….once again I feel you reported fairly.”


This is why I write what I do. It’s the truth, and it exists to serve Peachland. And in the spirit of the last day of Small Business Week, here’s what you can do to support Peachland’s only source of true journalism – at

  • Sign up for a subscription! First month is free and it’s $6 a month after that. The website is updated a few times a week and after every council meeting you get an email with a bunch of fresh stories.
  • Like or follow my Facebook Page! I don’t have any reviews on there yet – so if you’d like to do that, feel free. I’m also on Instagram (@thepeachlandphoenix).
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Thanks for reading!


November 22, 2022

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