Farewell, forum. Hello, new blog!

The last few days have been spent sourcing and researching and transcribing (I’ve got 3-4 stories that are at different stages right now, but aren’t ready for writing yet = argh!) So, I’m taking a break from that to tell you I ditched my forum, fixed my subscriber login and added to The Phoenix website! You’re reading my first blog entry, I’ve got a new local business page in the works and soon, you’ll have an option to sign up for a weekly newsletter that has the highlights of what my subscribers get to see: Local news you won’t read anywhere else, written by a Peachlander who loves it here as much as you do. This has been a tough time for many of us, and I want to be a bright spot, bringing you local news but also cool stories that you don’t get from the other guys. I work really hard for my subscribers (we’re in triple digits now!) and again, I need to thank you all: You’ve been patient through my previously – ridiculous login process (so happy it’s fixed, no more math questions!), and you’ve sent me photos, news tips and emails of encouragement. Thanks for sticking with me! And to each and every one of you who has – or will, hit that signup button, your faith in this small business of mine means a lot!

Now, back to the news. You’ll be reading more this week!


Written by Kristen Friesen

April 27, 2020

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