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Did I turn off the stove? Is the hall light still on? And where is that package I ordered?

If you’re like a lot of people, it’s what always seems to run though your head when away from home. Good thing there’s a family right here in Peachland who can answer all your home and business security needs. John Prexler and his wife Rose started Eyecom Security ten years ago.

“We really do love helping people out,” says John, whose experience in residential and commercial security goes back to the mid-90s. Back then, protecting your property involved tons of wiring and thousands of dollars.

“Today, all we have to do is replace your door lock, which is $200 and we include the labour in that, and it integrates with our system. It’s a huge advantage and the value is certainly there.” He adds that nowadays, surveillance and reporting is cloud-based, which basically means you can log in using your device of choice and see what’s going on inside and outside your home, in real time. You can also remotely lock and unlock your doors, (no need to give away your spare key) – and here’s a treat during the dead of winter: There’s an option to log in from your phone and turn on your furnace remotely – perfect for those late nights home from the airport.

Many Peachlanders leave town during the colder months, and having that peace of mind from a security and emergency prevention standpoint is everything, John says.

“We’re finding a lot of people want to control different aspects of their home, through their platform. Plus, it’s a liberating feeling being able to enjoy your vacation knowing your property is completely protected.”

All Eyecom security systems come with expert installation and a monthly monitoring fee as low as $25. If you’re a new customer, they’ll subsidize the installation cost and equipment, which you get to keep.

Ensuring each customer gets exactly what they want or need – and nothing more, is one reason the Prexlers have grown Eyecom to a company that reaches across the Valley and Vancouver.

“We’ll install the system and our technicians will go through the use of the system but sometimes people forget, or once they start using it you’re not really sure. We don’t just install it and leave them alone,” says Rose, adding that because they’re local, their response times are excellent, and today’s technology means the false alarms you may associate with security systems are a thing of the past.

Eyecom customers can opt for a basic residential package or they can invest in the latest verified live monitoring technology. For commercial clients, infrared technology and locally-dispatched security response are just some options they’re happy to discuss.

John says selling home security isn’t about putting fear into potential clients. It’s about offering them information and options on how they can help during some of life’s biggest emergencies, from break-ins and smoke, to floods and personal panic alarms. Plus, you can see significant reductions in your home insurance.

“At the end of the day, helping people gives you a really good feeling, and that’s why I stuck with this industry,” John says.




Eyecom Security



July 28, 2020

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