Blog: Whatta day so far!

The Mayor said she’s “choked”, the Peachland Wellness Centre’s Christina MacMaster said early this morning that honestly, (and understandably) she was too upset to be quoted just then. That was around 9 a.m., when word came that the April 15 COVID clinic wasn’t going to happen. A few hours have passed and so have a few edits and updates. At this point, I’m just going to go by time of day, lol:

It’s just after 1 p.m. as I’m typing this (and what a day, by the way – between this morning’s announcement, plus the cannabis shop story, and speaking with a neighbour and new friend about the vandalism on her property, it’s been non-stop!), – there’s no reply from Interior Health just yet. BUT here’s an update, as of 1:50 p.m. there will now be a clinic in Peachland on Thursday, April 22. As I type this Interior Health is apparently doing a press release, according to the PWC.

3:55 PM: I’ll interject here with another update, as Interior Health just got back to me via email. I think I’ll just copy and paste what they wrote:

“Hi Kristen. No immunization appointments were booked or cancelled in Peachland today. Earlier in our planning, we had held this date for a potential clinic. However, in our scheduling we did not move forward with this date. Unfortunately, there was a gap in our communication with the Community Centre and for that reason volunteers were unaware of the change in plans, and for that we apologize. Interior Health is still planning to hold a special clinic in Peachland and will be sharing more details on that in the near future. In the interim, Peachland residents can book into the vaccine clinics in West Kelowna.”

You’ll note the April 22 date isn’t mentioned. I have a few follow up questions here, as I’m sure you do too. I’ll let you know…

Back to what I was writing earlier:

When Mayor Cindy Fortin called me around 12:20 pm, she was just about to go into a weekly meeting she has with other mayors, and provincial and Interior Health officials. She was hoping this morning’s unexpected announcement may be further explained (and I’ll update you if it is).

“I’m very disappointed to hear that not only was it cancelled but the volunteers – none of us were aware it was cancelled. This is serious stuff. This is about life, serious illness and or death. And not to mention the mental health of people because their anxiety is growing and it’s just very disheartening that it was just cancelled, period.”

She says she got the news just like this reporter did – an email around 9 a.m. from MacMaster.

Christina later told me Interior Health has informed the Wellness Centre the new clinic date will be Thursday April 22.

“After a phone call with Interior Health they have offered ‘sincere apologies’ for the late cancellation and have assured me they will hold another day for the vaccine clinic in Peachland,” Christina MacMaster wrote in an earlier email. Will keep you posted on what’s next.


PS All the latest vaccine eligibility & appointment info is on the Interior Health website.

Written by Kristen Friesen

April 15, 2021

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