Blog: An (obvious) epiphany = Email!

It kind of felt like a punch in the gut at the time – but when rejection happens, there’s often reason to reflect, and sometimes (as I’ve learned over this past year, especially), it’s reason to pivot. This is also a convoluted way of telling you my email newsletter is back and I’m putting a lot more effort into it this time around! It was on my to-do list for awhile, but when I got a cancellation email from a subscriber a couple months ago, it got me thinking:

“If you had even sent out a ‘hi, how are you, here’s a weekly update email with a link to your newspaper,’ you would have kept me,” said my former customer.

“Relationship is (sic) everything.”

Ouch. That’s what I thought I was doing, building relationships and all, but when I thought about it, this former customer was right – I was looking at things the wrong way. I have 175 of you I can easily connect with via email – so why on Earth am I focussing so much on Facebook?

It’s true I’ve reached most of you through here – I launched last March 15, and posting stuff from my website onto my Peachland Phoenix page – and then putting those posts in local groups – has been the most pandemic-appropriate way to get myself out there. But here’s the thing when you post in Facebook groups – the page belongs to the admins, and they have every right to make the rules. I only lasted a month or so on Peachland Neighbours before the admin messaged me. He doesn’t allow advertising, and he considers my posts (even the news ones) advertising. More recently, I was blocked from Peachland News and Events. I messaged the admin and asked why.

“You are my competition.”

OK. (But also lol). 

To be clear – I’m not making this a boo hoo about not being allowed to post my stuff. Yes, sometimes I get frustrated my hard work doesn’t have the reach and reaction the mainstream outlets’ stories get (especially when mine are out first and have a lot more detail / differing opinions). I also get that with my local news content being gated at $4 a month, I’m going to lose / annoy some of you right off the bat. But I still have a lot of support in my little corner of social media, and please know I notice and appreciate all of it.

Facebook likes and comments don’t pay my bills, though and as we all know, social media can be an unproductive vortex on a number of levels. Sooo that brings me to my email newsletter. The list is mine, the audience is already interested in what I have to say, and so this is why I want to focus more on my email. Even if you’re not a paid subscriber, I’m hoping you’ll still sign up for the newsletter, because you’ll still get something out of it! On it, you’ll find my blogs (like this one) which are free access, as are my community group updates and the series on the history behind our street names. Even without access to my local news, you’ll still get the headlines and a gist of what happened before the newspaper comes out, and because I focus on original content (not just council stories), you’ll get a heads-up on upcoming features. Maybe it’s an issue that’s been bugging you too?

That’s a big reason I started this. There’s no shortage of news in Peachland – it just isn’t covered by the mainstream. There’s reasons for that, but it’s for another blog. My point for this one is simple: Give my newsletter a try! It’s free, you’ll have a bit of local news with some personality to your inbox, and all the content is locally-crafted and made with heart. Just head to my Home page, and scroll all the way to the bottom. The signup form is right there! You’ll also notice the subscription signup, maybe for you to consider another time – and if you’re already a subscriber, THANK YOU! You’re making it all possible.

Won’t lie, these ‘marketing myself’ blogs are kinda tough to write – thanks for reading, and thanks again for your support!


Written by Kristen Friesen

February 16, 2021

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