A letter to the editor: Please fix that Trepanier intersection

Subscribers, you’ll recall last month I spoke with some locals worried about the Trepanier / Dryden / Morrison area – it’s kind of a weird intersection (I know I’ve seen some close calls). Barb Dionne has lived up there since 1986 and sent along this letter:


Regarding your November 9 story: Close calls, wonky signs: What some Trepanier residents want the District to fix on the Bench

I totally agree with Karen and Brady. I drive this road every day at least twice (In fact, that is my gold coloured car in the photo making the turn).

If you are turning left from Trepanier onto Dryden, you have to stop and creep forward to make sure there is no traffic coming before you can safely turn left because the sight-lines are so bad, especially in summer when the trees have lots of leaves.

Any traffic behind you honks and gestures if you take the corner slowly and carefully.

I would ask the Municipality to please fix this intersection. It wouldn’t be difficult and does not need a lot of meetings and months of planning. It is a hazard.


Barb Dionne (Trepanier resident since 1986)


Subscribers, you know I’m always happy to hear from you! Send me an email, I’m listening..

Written by Kristen Friesen

December 9, 2021

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