What’s your move-iversary?

Six years ago today, we moved from Calgary to a house with cherry trees in a town we kind of found by chance. And even though it was the longest day of our lives (ten-hour tow, two small kids!), the four of us have loved Peachland ever since.

I drove downtown today to take some filer art – and stopped to chat with Gary and Judy Hedge, with Peachland Community Policing. (They clocked me at 32 but only because I saw them first, lol). It was pretty busy down there, and that Peachland-in-the-summer vibe is back. People seem happy today.

What’s your move-iversary? With the past year of COVID stuff, this super-hot real estate market, and this upcoming week of hot, hot heat, there’s more than a few reasons to feel grateful for moving here ❤️ 🍑

Written by Kristen Friesen

June 22, 2021

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