The kids ‘fessed up – and they want to fix the damage: But vandalized Trepanier property is still going to be off-limits, says owner

When we moved here, our kids were too little to make it all the way – so when we finally saw this view, it was one of those ‘we live in the best place ever!’ moments. Some of my favourite Peachland pictures are from this property:













And this time of year, it’s especially amazing. My friend Annick took this one just the other day:

Thanks Annick!


If you’ve seen another recent picture from here, it’s not as pretty. After someone (or some people) spray painted the excavator on her property – twice in the past few weeks, Tammy Hesla has had enough. She’s putting No Trespassing signs on her land. A shame, considering many of us who live in the Trepanier area love it so. I saw the same Facebook post many of you did earlier this week – showing the damage, and of course, the public shaming in the comments for whoever did this.

It’s the reason Tammy got in touch with me, because she has an update she wants to share. A couple nights ago, she got a phone call. A teenage girl was on the other end, saying she and some friends did the spray paint damage. Not all of it, apparently, but enough that when she saw the social media backlash, she felt terrible. The girl’s mom has also been in contact with Tammy. The post has since been taken down. And she says the spray paint used was the same stuff from a can that was already inside the excavator.

“I’m not upset with them, and I don’t want to see these kids ridiculed in the community for this” says Tammy.

“We’ve all made mistakes. And I think it’s awesome parenting, in how it’s being resolved.”

As of now, the plan is for the kids responsible to do some research on how to best remove the paint, purchase the supplies, and then Tammy will meet them and oversee the cleanup.

“Even if I have to take a morning off work, I mean they came forward so I’m definitely going to do my part too. If I was mean about it, if that’s the way we’re going to be with them, we’re not going to get kids who do something wrong and then want to make it right.”

And while it’s great these kids seem to be owning up, Tammy wishes adults would do the same. She highly doubts the $600 battery stolen last year out of the same excavator (which is used for fire mitigation purposes) was done by teenagers.

“Those are industrial sized batteries,” she says.

I took this photo in 2016..of the bench.

“There would be no kids that would lift them. You’d have to have a truck driven up there.”

Over the years, fire extinguishers, lawn chairs and even an information sign they put up has been either damaged or stolen altogether. But, people have been kind enough to leave things like wine bottles, cigarette butts and Tammy’s personal favourite – plastic bags of dog poop. At one time, there was a bench just up from the path. It’s long gone, thanks to people who don’t appreciate nice things.

“So, I still think we’ll be keeping people off there,” Tammy says.

“We’re just tired of all the monitoring – dogs are off leash, I mean, my daughter was afraid when a big dog approached her. And all the damage – it’s just all of it, and I’m tired. I’m pretty sure I’m still going to put up a No Trespassing sign.

I mean, we still live in a great community,” she’s quick to add.

“But it’s just a couple of bad apples, you know?”


AN UPDATE! Tammy sent me a couple pics over the weekend (April 18).

“Both kids who did the damage came with all the supplies – rags, water and paint remover, I think turpentine,” said Tammy Hesla in a message. A Dad was also there. Here’s the result of their work, this time around:









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Written by Kristen Friesen

April 17, 2021

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