So, what’s so special about 02/22/2022? A Peachlander who knows her numbers, explains

Every day has an energy – and with today being 02/22/2022, is there anything we should know?

I thought I’d ask Rochelle McFarlane. She’s an Energetic Medicine Woman and author – and among other things, I figured she’d know something about numerology and could explain a bit of it for the rest of us. Rochelle broke it down for us in this way:

“First of all, it’s a magic day, just like every day,” she says. (Ohh I like that!) 

“Every day has an energetic pulse to it.” 

Today, the fact we have all of those twos together, is really warning us to grab our attention. So whenever we have repeating numbers in the land of numerology, we look at those as master numbers, or angel numbers.”

Rochelle – who owns ESP Parent here in Peachland – says there’s a duality to this. A high side, and a low side to this day and the potential it can bring. 

“If we look at the two for example, the high side is about connection, it’s about collaboration it’s about intuition and our passions activate that.

But then there’s this low side…and it’s interesting that there’s some co-dependency that’s happening in our collective energy right now. There’s some indecision that’s happening. There’s a clinging to belief systems that might not be serving us anymore, which is creating some confusion.”

So today, she says these “twos” want us to see where we have connection, vs where we’re being too attached to what’s not working.

“And If we look at there’s six twos in today’s date, it’s also a reflection of ‘maybe the decisions I make today might impact me for the rest of this year,’” says Rochelle.

“And if I’m conscious enough, I can then be making decisions today that will set me up potentially for the rest of this life.”

Some deep thoughts for you on this Twosday…

Written by Kristen Friesen

February 22, 2022

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