Blog: People are reaching out = good news for The Phoenix!

It’s a rainy morning and it’s supposed to be an 80% chance of this continuing through the day. As my daughter just said of the fog that’s rolling in, “it looks plain out there.”

Anyway, I was up doing some planning and remembered a few pictures local photographer Lance Bremner sent awhile ago. It’s great getting art submissions and story ideas again!  And it’s a good sign for my business because it means people are starting to hear about what I’m doing. In a little over two months since I launched The Phoenix, subscribers have been the first to hear about a few things: The historic mural being vandalized again, the rainbow sidewalk being painted (video!), overnight break-ins and last week’s arrest of a sleeping suspect at Swim Bay, to name a few. Subscribers also get District of Peachland council news every other Tuesday night, after the meeting wraps up. Every day, I show up (some days are easier than others), and it means so much to see people get where I’m coming from: I live here, I’m local, and our town needs quality journalism worth reading. This kind of journalism doesn’t happen in a bubble, although we’re all kind of living that way right now. So, thank you everyone, who has reached out lately – Dawn, Lance and Kari, Barb, Leath, Keith, Dorraine, Susan and Leanne, Rachel and Mark. There’s more, and there’s definitely more to come from me – thanks for following along!

Written by Kristen Friesen

May 25, 2020

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