Peachlanders putting themselves out there = well done!

Love meeting people like this – Victoria Molloy is a longtime Peachlander who decided to take up art a few years ago. 

“I’ve been doing this the past five years, but not as prolifically as I’d like,” she says, noting it’s not so much a lack of time – “I have plenty of that,” she says, shortly after we met the other day, at Peachland’s Rotary pavilion in Heritage Park.

“It’s just having the mental space. I find that creativity on demand can be tough.”

So, what did Victoria do about this? Launched herself into something unfamiliar. She joined an art lab with a friend awhile ago. Basically, you gather your supplies, and paint for 20 minutes.

“It was a great success and now, I feel confident doing these 20-minute paintings in front of people, which can be scary. But when you’re in the art lab, there are no mistakes. There’s total freedom.”

Victoria is using the experience as a jumping off point – she’s setting up a little art show at the Rotary pavilion in Heritage Park. It runs on Friday and Saturday, from 10 – 4. I think her work is really interesting. At first, I thought her piece in this pic was a textured oil painting. But look closer, and you’ll see it’s something super original – basically, a painting and a carving all in one.

“I’m a backcountry rider and I ride in the woods and to me, this has a slightly fairytale quality to it, I feel. It’s a beautiful path to ride on.”

Victoria’s show is called So Far – because it’s everything she’s done, a variety of work, completed so far. She’s also launching a website ( 

Peachlanders putting themselves out there = well done!

Written by Kristen Friesen

July 27, 2021

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