Peachland Community Policing

Peachland Community Policing volunteers are the eyes and ears of our community. They work with the RCMP on a variety of safety programs, from Speed Watch to checking up on seniors living alone. The office (at 4440 5 St.) can be reached at (250) 767-2623, or you can email

Helmets for Peachland Elementary Students! Community Policing president Gary Hedge stopped by Peachland Elementary on Monday, May 30. He had 13 helmets, courtesy of BrainTrust Canada, to give away – ones that are suitable for biking and skateboarding. We set up a quick picture in front of the new Community Policing vehicle. The other adults are Peachland Elementary Principal Wendy Briggs (in the middle), and Peachland Mayor Cindy Fortin.



Peachland Community Policing president Gary Hedge (far right) was happy to “officially” have the keys to their brand-new SUV, to be used by volunteers for patrols. Pictured is Peachland Fire Chief Dennis Craig, West Kelowna RCMP Staff Sgt Duncan Dixon, the RDCO’s Roy Morgan and David Gazley, and Mayor Cindy Fortin.

Replacing the group’s 2004 van – which did not have AWD and had a few old-age foibles – was a long time coming for this group. The new vehicle – a 2022 Ford Escape – was paid for primarily through reserve funding – and they also received a $3,000 contribution from Peachland Sportsmen’s Association.

“We’re very happy,” Gary said at the official handing over of the keys, which took place Feb 9, 2022.

Next time you see Community Policing volunteers driving this around town – first slow down, lol – and give them a wave!




Spring, 2021: As part of the Speed Watch program, Peachland Community Policing president Gary Hedge recently set up near Antler’s Beach. The fastest speed recorded in that 70 km/h stretch? A whopping 109 km/h. The group is advocating for a left-turn lane heading south into the parking lot. Photo courtesy Judy Hedge.



Peachland’s community policing office is part of the RCMP’s Project Rainbow, an effort to illustrate diversity and inclusion.
















Peachland Community Policing believes the use of an alarm is your best bet against a home invasion, in addition to the obvious – keeping your doors locked and valuables non-visible. Most property crimes are crimes of opportunity. Here’s some advice on what business owners can do:  

 • Activate your alarm and video monitoring systems

• Do not leave any valuables visible or accessible

• Deactivate all scheduled door openings

• Empty or remove all ATMs

   Move all safes and tills off-site. If not possible, empty these items and keep cash drawers open

• Remove all alcohol from the property

• Keep lights on inside and outside your business

 Post No cash or valuables on-site” signage

The RCMP also suggests that business owners regularly visit their property and consider doing so at different times, so as to not form a pattern that could be observed by would-be thieves. The Peachland Community Police also encourages neighbours to work together to keep an eye on each others properties as well as businesses in town. With the stay at home recommendations, the number of people on the downtown streets is very low especially in the evening hours. If you see something suspicious call the West Kelowna RCMP detachment at 250-768-2880 or call 911.

 Dr. Gary Hedge, President


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Written by Kristen Friesen

May 30, 2022

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