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Rooted in technical know-how, with the ability to branch into everything an entrepreneur needs to make their business grow, Old Doug’s commitment to quality web design and creative marketing is just as strong as owner Chris Leckie’s favourite tree, which proliferate the Pacific Northwest.

“The name I chose doesn’t necessarily resonate as a website, it catches people off guard,” says Leckie, who has been creating sites for 20 years now.

“You get that follow-up question of ‘what is that?’ That’s worth something, I think.”

While it’s common to find the do-it-yourself approach to web design, Leckie says it’s not necessarily as advertised. Technical know-how and some design sense are what’s behind a more professional-looking site without the headache and hassle. For those who don’t want to pay for a full site, but cringe at the thought of building one on their own, Old Doug’s answer is a happy medium: A micro site with all the essentials. From domain registration and mobile optimization, basic SEO, custom templates and access to local technical support. And if you don’t know what any of that is? No problem – you’ll be talking to someone local, who cares about your business.

“Hopefully we can help grow their business. And maybe two or three years down the road, that customer may need a full custom site with new branding,” Leckie says.

Having a cohesive look to your business is important, and if you feel lost in the marketing wilderness, Old Doug carves out a number of different solutions, thanks to Leckie’s team of writers and sales experts. Their social media packages include weekly content to keep your pages relevant, as well as blog content, a proven way to improve your company’s search ranking on the web. Custom packages are sure to suit your specific needs.

And on the branding front, Old Doug can create anything from simple text logos to custom corporate identities. Using objective-based tactics, their marketing team is committed to growing your small business.

If you’re struggling to see the forest for the trees when it comes to building your online presence, look for Old Doug. You’ll get advice that’s proven and dependable, with a modern outlook.

January 16, 2020

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