Mission Accomplished: Peachlanders find mystery solar lights on Okanagan Mountain


**This story was originally published in September, 2020**

It was called Operation Lights Out, and a pair of determined Peachlanders were successful in finding a pair of solar lights that stumped many of us this summer.

After weeks of careful mapping and preparation Steve Worger and David Moorhouse decided to take

Found them! Steve Worger holds up the solar spotlights that have been shining on Okanagan mountain for months. (photo courtesy David Moorhouse)

matters into their own hands this morning. Just after 7:30, they set out by kayak in an effort to once and for all, find out about the bright lights that have appeared from dusk to sunrise since at least July. While it looked like one light from the distance, it’s actually two when seen through binoculars. The lights appeared about two-thirds of the way up the mountain from the lakeshore, above the north end of Wild Horse Canyon.

“Every night I had to hear about it,” laughs Steve’s wife Deborah.

And almost every night, Steve would work on his new project. An avid hiker with a Search and Rescue background, Operation Lights Out became something that had to be solved.

“I shot a compass point from my house straight across, drew the line on a topographical map, and it was exactly where we found them. Well, it was probably off by half a degree,” he says.

It took about 45 minutes this morning for the pair to paddle to the campsite at Halfway Bay, where they started their hike. Using GPS, they walked straight up from the campsite and along the ridge line. An hour later, they found the lights – heavy duty solar spotlights, placed about ten feet apart.

“We explored one little peak after another as we approached just to make sure we didn’t miss anything and we found them just about right away,” Moorhouse says.

This is how the lights were found..
(photo courtesy David Moorhouse)

They were prepared to spend the night solving the mystery, Steve adds.

“I had bear spray and tools and everything.”

Now that the lights are on this side of the lake, what happens now?

There’s talk around town they should be auctioned off or the proceeds donated to charity somehow, and both Worger and Moorhouse agree that’s a good idea. But the mystery isn’t completely solved – there’s still another light, seen from around Drought Hill. Also, who left them there in the first place? And how likely is it they’ll set up another light to replace the two that are gone?

“Someone’s been having fun and messing with Peachlanders’ heads,” Moorhouse laughs.

We’ll have to watch across the lake to see what happens tonight…

Here’s what happened next:

Sept 7, 2020: “Nice to make your acquaintaince: Man behind solar light mystery speaks

Written by Kristen Friesen

September 5, 2020

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