Letter to the Editor: We need $30,000-$50,000 to get Turner field ready for kids’ soccer – let’s do it, Peachland!

Note: This appeared as a Facebook comment on my story Tuesday night about the work Randey and Allie Brophy did in convincing councillors that a combination, regulation-size soccer and softball field is the best option for Turner Park. He spoke during the Tuesday night council meeting and gave his permission for me to share his words as a letter to the editor:

In addition to the two Peachland businesses that have offered, unsolicited, to sponsor Peachland Youth Soccer teams, Dennis Craig, Peachland Fire Chief, approached Allie Brophy and I after the meeting and said the Peachland Fire Dept would also sponsor a team.

Also, Kevin MacKenzie, owner of Peachland’s True North Landscaping, has identified to me the best grass seed to use for a soccer and baseball field – it is presently being used by the City of Kelowna on their sports fields. The quantities required for Turner Park, the supplier who has it in stock, and the price: $3,600. This information has been forwarded to Peachland Recreation and Peachland Operations.

As mentioned in my presentation, based on one email sent to Peachland Mini Kicker parents by the Community Centre in March, we already have:

40 peachland boys and girls ready to play next season,

Six parents who have volunteered to coach,

A former professional player willing to coach – Councillor Patrick Van Minsel – District of Peachland,

A former coach of national champion amateur teams, now living in Peachland who has also volunteered to coach in Peachland Youth Soccer.

The groundswell of grassroots support to date has been amazing, from local Operations staff who have already found and deposited clay infield at the Turner Park diamond, fixed the irrigation and restored the washroom, to businesses offering support, to folks on the street asking what they can do to help.

All we need is money, $30-50K based on high level internal Operations dept estimates, to have the Turner Park fields ready for youth soccer, baseball and softball for next season.

We will be commencing fundraising activities to raise this money.

The goal is to have Peachland children playing organized little league and youth soccer on Turner Park by the start of next season, April 2023.

Peachland kids, playing on Peachland teams, on Peachland fields.

Any and all support is appreciated.

Let’s get behind this, for the kids, and get it done.

Randey Brophy, Peachland


Written by Kristen Friesen

June 16, 2022

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