Letter to the Editor: Turner Park a poor choice for dogs

It was good to see that we are being consulted on future use of Turner Park, but I can’t help feeling we are being offered the choice of spam, spam or spam (with apologies to Monty Python). For, example, all options include a dog park, so in choosing any of the three options, I am automatically voting for a dog park.

Peachland does need dog parks, for all the reasons put forward by Mayor Fortin, but Turner Park is a poor choice. It is considered bad practice to put a dog park alongside a sports field or playground, for all sorts of health and safely reasons. Indeed, Peachland’s own Parks Bylaws prohibit dogs in a park containing either a playground or sports field. There would be an especial challenge at Turner Park, as proposed, in preventing contaminated water from flowing from the dog park to both the playground and sports field.

I do concur that option 2 offers significant advantages over 1.1 and 1.2, but recommend that the dog park be deleted. Perhaps more pickleball courts, a full size basketball court or Bocce pits could replace it? The dog park could be at the nearby Sanderson Park, per the current district strategy.

Graham Smith, Peachland


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Written by Kristen Friesen

January 11, 2022

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