Letter to the Editor: Here’s a petition for a ball field at Turner Park

Dear Editor,

I have started a petition to provide a softball, little league and soccer field at Turner Park in 2022.  The link is below. Please sign and share this petition so we can get the park we are already paying $3.1M for, developed and in use for Peachland children and adults this year.

The benefits of having an additional adult softball and soccer field are obvious, but more importantly, having a soccer field and little league field at Turner will allow Peachland children to finally play on Peachland fields on Peachland youth soccer and little league teams. You need a full size soccer field to play youth soccer after the age of 10-11 and Turner Park is the only park in Peachland large enough for a full sized soccer field and ball field. 

If the kids don’t get a full sized soccer pitch at Turner Park they will never have a youth soccer club in Peachland.  Similarly with little league. There used to be a thriving little league for the kids based out of Turner Park. Now there is nothing and children in Peachland who want to play either organized baseball or soccer have to go to neighbouring Summerland or West Kelowna at the age of 6. That is just not right.

Myself and other like minded Peachland adults have taught over 250 preschool Peachland kids how to play soccer and baseball at introductory programs in the Peachland Community Center over the past 5 years.  So we know the demand is there.  Please give the kids and yourselves the chance to play baseball and soccer in Peachland

Thank you

Randey Brophy, Peachland

Here’s the link to the petition 


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Written by Kristen Friesen

January 19, 2022

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