Let’s hang in there, OK?

If yesterday was about cancellations and break-ins (I think we all have many adjectives for that kind of thievery), today will be about digging in my garden. I decided this as soon as I got up. I’m mostly caught up on interviews for two upcoming stories, and it’s supposed to rain this weekend, so we’re going to fill the truck, rake it out and hopefully start planting my cold crops. It’ll be good to actually DO something – I’ve been putting in lots of desk time.

We’re all going through different degrees of something right now. When I saw the pictures Katie posted of her damaged 1st & Beach restaurant, I drove down, and was lucky enough to run into her, right when the locksmith showed up. She didn’t have to talk to me – I’ve been a reporter for a long time but not here, and I understand when someone in her position doesn’t want to talk to a stranger about how real it’s getting for them. But me, the locksmith and Katie chatted (yes, yes at a distance), I took a picture and got into my car, just as the locksmith was driving away. I ended up behind him in traffic, and he was making all the same turns as I made my way home. That’s why he looked familiar, he lives on my street! Oh, Peachland. It made me smile. Let’s hang in there, OK?

Written by Kristen Friesen

April 29, 2020

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