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Thought I’d reintroduce myself – I’m Kristen, and I just love Peachland. Moving from Calgary seven years ago, the thing that got us was the friendliness! People will just smile and say hello for no reason – what? It’s great 🙂

I was the Editor of the Peachland View for a short time, and when it was four Peachlanders working on our community paper, our favourite thing was when people would come to our office, which was a cute little house on 3rd St. They’d want to share plans for an event, a cool hobby, or just to talk! It was the ultimate small town thing and I loved it.

When management decided to lay off all the local employees (cost cutting), I felt very strongly that Peachland still needed a local news source. But how? It was just me, and I knew that an advertising-led paper product (which gets trucked into town from Vancouver) was not sustainable. 

So. I found a great website developer (Chris Leckie) and started writing stories. Community news is about people in our community – so if I could get Peachlanders to invest in that, maybe I can make a go of this?

Two years later, I have a little over 250 subscribers who pay $6 a month to access news on my website. My stories are different because I get a lot of them from subscribers (or my own head). I write all my council stories the night of the meeting, so my readers don’t have to wait a week or two before knowing what’s going on.

I’ve been a journalist for more than 20 years now, and I really love what I do. When you read my stuff, hopefully you can tell!

Want to give me a try? You can sign up here

What’s your favourite thing about Peachland? 

Written by Kristen Friesen

February 24, 2022

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