It’s wine (bottling) time!

You know it’s a change of season in wine world when the big bottling truck arrives! Bella Huang, owner of Hainle Winery invited me down this morning to see how it’s all done.

“It’s a big day,” she says, noting that since 8 this morning, it has been all hands on deck.

Basically, a big wine hose (for lack of a better word!) connects the wine cellar’s tanks to the truck, and the empty bottles are placed on an assembly line inside. The bottles are sterilized and filled (in this video, it’s Pinot Noir), and they’re capped, labelled and placed into boxes. They’re tackling 800 cases today, with four different varietals! The guys with Artus Bottling say they work with 300 different wineries throughout the valley every year.

Bella says these bottles will be available at the winery in October. 



About halfway through the process! Here’s wine consultant Anthony Buchanan catching another case from winemaker Scott Ingram.


Want to know more about Hainle winery and some of the changes taking place? Check out their business profile!

Written by Kristen Friesen

August 31, 2021

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