I was in my garden office…

A routine I started last week: Wake up around 5-6, coffee (obviously), and outside to the garden. The cats wander around, those little starling birds dodge at us, and the doves ‘coo coo’ to our quiet neighbourhood. And every day, my mind got quieter, too. My only to-dos had to do with regular kid / school / activity stuff – and keeping up with my garden. It’s starting to fill in:

The tomatoes (with the green twine in the back) have had a rough start – but this week of (finally) warmer weather has them flowering. A couple even have fruit!

Same with the peas – little pods are finally forming! 

Lettuce, kale and chard are doing well..

And I’m really happy with the garlic so far.

Carrots? Not so much. I didn’t leave enough room for my usual patch, and the spots I chose don’t get enough overhead water. I’ve lost a few rows. I find the key with carrots is to plant those seeds often (like 2-week intervals), and keep that area watered – carrot seeds usually take 14-21 days to germinate (according to the West Coast Seed varieties I’m using this year.)

Peppers are doing OK, cukes are starting to take off (they’re picky things, I have one year of success and five years of disappointment with those). Basil transplants are meh. But the ones I seeded in May look promising!

A witch stick pepper..

Basil transplants are recovering from that cold / rain we had..

I’m really looking forward to my flowers taking off. I found the petunias that that look like outer space at Fruits & Blooms in Rutland, and the rest is from the Greenery, Dogwood and last year’s garden (saved some seeds).


It was an awesome week of just nerding out in my happy place!

There was a time, not too long ago, when I would feel really guilty about taking time off. What if people cancel because they don’t see stories? What if I miss something really big? What if I don’t reply to people right away?

That’s all part of people pleasing, a habit I’m slowly shedding. Getting older (I’m talking 40s) will do that. So does finding things – and being around people – that are good to you, and good for you. Lessons I’ve learned over the past few years.

So, I’ll wrap this up by saying I really, really enjoyed my time off. I was also genuinely excited to open my laptop this morning.

Tomorrow is a council day, Canada Day celebrations are coming up – and right after I’m done writing this (and sending the kids off to school – three more days!) – I’ll get us caught up. Thanks for reading!


Written by Kristen Friesen

June 27, 2022

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