Here’s the Dirt: My new garden blog

A super-hot summer day, hands (and arms and legs) caked in dirt, doing garden things (followed by a porch beverage of course.) It’s my ideal day, and we’re getting closer! I think we can all feel some spring in the air.

So to that end, I’m starting a garden blog as of…now! This is the earliest start I’ve had to the season because I want to grow more flowers this year. I’m trying petunias. I saved some seeds from the flowers I bought last year, and planted those in my indoor grow show on Jan 22. And it’s working! So are some trailing snapdragon (they grow no matter what, I’ve learned). And alyssum. I went a little crazy with that – there’s four trays of emerging little white flowers. And I need to make room for the tomatoes and peppers I want to seed. And to start hanging baskets. This weekend’s projects.

I just love it all. Tasks like sorting seeds, watering, transplanting, harvesting and canning get me in a focus zone I typically find hard to achieve. This is something where I enjoy the process as much as the result – whether I mess up or not. (Although, I’d really like to actually grow onions without them turning to mush! Even when I starve them of water. I don’t get it)

July, 2015

When we moved here almost seven years ago, the corner of our yard had a 40-ft plum tree, a shed made out of garage doors, and a peach tree growing beside a knee-high pile of dog poo. We cleaned that up (high five to my father in law, who has no sense of smell), and slowly chipped away at the second driveway, which extended into the backyard. Last year was probably our best year, but who knows what this year will bring. 

May, 2021. Can’t get the whole garden in the pic – it extends to the left…


So, if you’d like, follow along and I’ll blab about what I have growing every few weeks or so. Some of my friends and family have wanted me to write about my garden. I’m no expert, though. It’s all trial and error. I’m more the get messy and figure it out type, vs understanding the science of things. So like I said, lots to learn.

More shelving this year! Another thing like this is behind me…

July, 2020

Oh, and one last thing. Last night, I went (in person, yay!) to a meeting for Fall Fair volunteers. It’s not for sure, for sure, but things are looking really good for September (when the 103rd fair is planned). Trust me, even if you just show up to see what people like to work on (fruit, veg, photography, handicrafts, kids stuff), it’s worth it.

Also, we need volunteers! Contact Tami if you’re interested. It’s a really great group of people and even a little bit of help is appreciated!

Written by Kristen Friesen

March 11, 2022

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