Down at the World of Wheels…

Cars! People! So much of it today in Peachland. It’s the 23rd World of Wheels, and I parked far, far away to take photos:

My first stop was the 50+ Centre, where they were just wrapping up their pancake breakfast. Hi everyone!


Then, I hit Cousins Park:

Overheard at the park: “You could always tell the different car kinds back then – today, everything just looks the same.”


Hey, it’s the Okanagan Folk School!

And the Hub Society! They say fundraising efforts are going really well so far. They want to reno / expand on the 50+ Centre to provide a home for all local community groups:

And the Peachland Wellness Centre was manning a parking lot they set up beside the Elementary School. A shuttle bus went back and forth, and proceeds from the parking went to the Hub. They were in for a busy day!


OK, more cars. I though some of them had cool faces:


..The Blues Brothers made an appearance:


And more vehicles:



Very busy down here!


Our awesome Peachland firefighters had their trucks on display. This little guy was about to get a tour!


I also said hi to the Rotary and the Lions – a couple of them had been up since 5 a.m!

The Peachland Ambassadors were around, too!


Annnd more vehicles:

Lots of car-type conversations as you walk by, none of which really makes sense to me, lol. It was nice to see Peachland hosting a big event again, and everyone enjoying our town. Even if it took me forever to get to the IGA to pick up a couple groceries on the way home!

Well done, World of Wheels Committee! There was definitely reason to celebrate:



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Written by Kristen Friesen

May 22, 2022

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