Blog: Why I’m different from the local newspaper

My stories on Peachland’s consultant -related spending are getting a lot of reaction. We have some new subscribers and many of you have messaged and emailed your thoughts. Some have shared reports and things they’ve learned over the years, and others have asked me to look further. People want to know more!

This tells me despite the dullness that comes with some of the details of municipal politics, people still care about the inner workings of our town. They want to know that those in charge are listening and making decisions wisely. So, my job as a reporter is obvious: Do the research, take in the meetings, ask the questions and write the stories.

My work is very different from what you see in the local newspaper.

The Phoenix represents something new in Peachland: Journalism that’s 100% supported by subscribers. Citizen-based journalism helps keep our officials accountable, and it’s one good reason to support this local small business (and no lie, every time a new signup comes through my email, I still say Yessss! in my head and sometimes out loud 🙂

I live here. I love Peachland. And I’ll say it over and over – Thank you for supporting local INDEPENDENT journalism!

Written by Kristen Friesen

October 19, 2020

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