Blog: Subscribers are the reason I’m in business

Three great things about being based on subscriptions and not ads:

🍑 I answer to YOU. Not advertisers. Not the municipality. Being subscription-based means I have the freedom to write what matters to Peachlanders. I live here too, so I actually care what’s going on. Story ideas are always welcome here!

🍑 I believe our community groups shouldn’t have to pay for doing good in our town. Instead of asking them to buy an ad, I’m happy to help them get the word out for free. Always. Have you checked out my Community Groups section?

🍑 As a made-in-Peachland small business, I know positive word of mouth is priceless. With COVID, I made the decision to offer my business profiles for FREE. Want a story about your business you’re proud to share? I can do that!

Why am I doing this?

Community journalism matters – and it’s something I’m super passionate about. I’ve been around long enough to see our industry suffer. Today, most community newspapers are owned by corporate interests and businesses who are trying to turn a profit, not engage the community with thoughtful journalism. My reach is much, much smaller than the other guys. But what I offer is quality. I don’t even try to keep up with the other media outlets. What you get from me is original, well-researched stories with a Peachland perspective. That’s a lot of value for $4 a month!

My subscribers are the reason I’m in business. To each and every one of you who has signed up and stayed on – a sincere thanks. Your support means a LOT!


Written by Kristen Friesen

July 22, 2020

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