Blog: Seeds and Starbucks and Some Peace & Quiet

Quietly, quietly, I walk the long way around the house to check the garden. The back deck is a more direct route, but it’s squeaky and my daughter wakes up like a shot at the smallest sound. I’m balancing coffee, my laptop and my phone. I want to see if my seedlings made it, and maybe write this before I get to bask in kid attention. Happy Mother’s Day!

Gardening is the thing I do that makes me happy. I love being in the dirt, seeing the progress, nerding out on canning, and yes of course, taking the pictures. I’m Type A and sometimes anxious, so doting over my plants gets me in the moment, instead of worrying about to-dos and shouldn’t-haves.

This is the first year we’ve grown almost everything from seed, and yesterday was one of my favourite of the year. We transplanted 26

Fingers crossed for my tomatoes! We’re trying something called a Florida Weave this year, with the plants supported by string as they grow.

tomato plants, 32 peppers, 97 marigolds (48 more to go), and eight basil plants. We also seeded radishes, romaine, kale, swiss chard, spinach, carrots, parsnip, beets, cilantro, sunflowers, nasturtiums, peas, beans, and we planted potatoes.

There’s a couple things we’re wondering about. We didn’t buy enough seed potatoes, but a few of the ones we grew last year were discovered in the potato box in our basement, with sprouts two feet long. Why not plant those? We’ll see what happens.

The other thing is our tomatoes. We brought them from the grow lights to the deck for a couple days of hardening off before planting, and they did not like. Some leaves went white, others just drooped. This morning, they seem alive, but not happy.

The sun has just hit the backyard. It’s supposed to be another day that makes you think of summer = the best kind of day. Moms, I hope you spend today doing what you love, and with the people who love you most (you have no choice, haha!) I’m going to file this, and head outside. More seeding and doting and I’ve been told the kids and Rob are leaving on an errand (that includes Starbucks!) and so I’ll have maybe an hour ALONE! In these times, for a mom, that may be the best gift of all.

Written by Kristen Friesen

May 10, 2020

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