Blog: I’ve become an executive assistant…to my kids

Ahhh golden hour. Steamy coffee, birds chirping, cat napping peacefully, and what’s that? Quiet? Yes, I can write!

Normally I’m writing downstairs in our basement or if it’s a sunny afternoon, you’ll find me on my front porch. Right now, I’m outside and it’s that chirpy / sunny / caffeine combo that makes me want to sit for a long time, maybe get up and finish planting my garden, but no. I have minutes to write this. Both kids have been getting up earlier lately.

How many Zoom meetings have you done so far? I’ve started using a wall calendar to keep track – of my kids’ calls. We’re loving it. Human contact, as we all know, is something to be appreciated now.

Speaking of Zoom, I was on a call last night. It was hosted by the Peachland Chamber of Commerce, and attended by more than a dozen local businesses owners, including myself. Today I’m going to make a few more phone calls, mix together the interviews I did last week, and write you a feature on how they’re doing and their biggest challenges right now.

But before that, I must pencil in a 1 o’clock for my son, I believe my daughter’s calendar is clear today and I think at wine o’clock, I will give a girlfriend in Calgary a call. We prefer the phone…

Whew! Wrapped this up before a peep from anyone. Today’s story will take a lot longer to write. Need more coffee…

Written by Kristen Friesen

May 1, 2020

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