Blog: I’m still doing business profiles for free. Why?

Because I’m a small business owner too! And when you’re a local, word of mouth is everything.

Telling stories is one of my favourite things to do, and when I launched The Phoenix back in March, my plan with my business profiles was to let Peachlanders know about the people behind our local shops and services. Real people = real connection, and reflecting Peachland’s sense of community has always been my aim. You’re seeing a great example of that right now, through the Chamber of Commerce’s Humans of Peachland series. Sitting down with someone and spending the time to get to know them a little is what makes small towns like ours great. And because I live here too, I never felt right about asking local businesses for money to have a square of space on my website. My reach is small and I’d rather be of service: Traditional advertising is expensive, and I know there’s value in a well-told story. I’m publishing another one today, I’m about to go downtown to meet another local business owner, and there’s another one coming down the pipe. I think people are seeing the value of free advertising!

Written by Kristen Friesen

July 28, 2020

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